Letters to the editor

To kids who use Northeast Regional Library

I hope you are well and doing all that you can to stay safe during this difficult time of the pandemic coronavirus. I know that you miss the Children’s Department of the Northeast Regional Library. We miss you, too.

You might have questions about what to do with the library materials you have at home, how to borrow books electronically or how to get homework help. I have the answers you need.

Our book drop is locked. Keep your library materials in a safe place. There are no fines. Read and reread your favorite books that you have at home. You can borrow books to download on your electronic devices. The Free Library of Philadelphia’s website, http://www.freelibrary.org, has instructions to help you.

You can explore Mango Languages, an electronic resource to help you learn a language. If you need homework help, you can access Homework Online, a free service offered by the Free Library. You will be able to connect with a live tutor. All you need is your Free Library library card and your PIN. There are many other electronic resources to explore on the website.

Visit Northeast Regional Library Children’s Department’s Facebook Page, Northeast Children’s. Ask your parents for permission to like us and friend us. You can access Science Fun with Mr. Peter, an interactive science program on our Facebook Page. You will also find fun activities to stay in touch with us that we will post very soon. Make sure you look at the colorful sign we posted saying we miss you.

We will have hundreds of new books to display, just waiting for you to borrow when we reopen and we all can return to using our wonderful Northeast Regional Library. You can look forward to that.

Ms. Megan, Ms. Vera, the staff of Northeast Regional, and I miss you very much. We can’t wait to return to our Children’s Department of Northeast Regional, and we eagerly look forward to seeing you again.

Marianne Bucci

Northeast Regional Library

Run the city like a business

First off, the mayor’s projects for prekindergarten, city parks, rec centers and libraries were supposed to be paid for with the soda tax. This money was put into the general fund, never to be seen again. As far as the rest of the virus’ cost, the city is a business. Why isn’t it run like one? Real businesses went into cutback mode. The city couldn’t even determine what and who was an essential employee. So it went with the unique concept of let’s just pay everyone, and those who are considered essential, give them time and a half. I don’t know how many got the extra pay because the city didn’t know who was essential. The word “furlough” was not part of the city’s vocabulary. The one good thing that will come out of this mess is we might recoup some of the $3 billion Kenney added to the budget.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Dems irresponsible on coronavirus

I have seen many recent letters to the Times stating that President Trump mishandled the Coronavirus response and should have acted sooner.

I seem to remember a little thing called “impeachment” that occupied the entire nation until mid-January. Did you hear any of the Democrat leadership say a word about coronavirus back then?

Our powerful national media with its global reach, ignored the coronavirus until President Trump banned air travel from China on Jan. 31. They then attacked him for an over-reaction.

In fact, candidate Biden said the ban was racist, as did Nancy Pelosi.

Democrat leaders pushed back — and went to Chinatowns (until late February), encouraging people to come out, party and dine. Mayor de Blasio did this, as did Mayor Kenney.

Quite irresponsible. One wonders — how much did the virus spread due to their actions?

Imagine that, on about Jan. 1, President Trump tells the nation — we must end impeachment immediately, close our borders and prepare for a virus that might kill 60,000.

Just imagine the hysterical “no way” from those who now point fingers and make accusations.

Richard Iaconelli


Trump to blame for COVID-19 deaths

I read with astonishment the opinion piece in your April 22 issue — the screed that proclaimed that the impeachment process, not any individual in particular, is responsible for the COVID-19 deaths. Really? The writer ends with the question: if the “January impeachment” is not the culprit, [t]hen, who is to blame?” I can answer that.

How about the guy who, on Feb. 7, instead of taking action, announced that the virus would be gone in April when the warmer weather comes? Or the one who said on Feb. 23 that the situation was very much under control, so there’s no need to do anything about it? Or the one who three days later said that the U.S. had 15 cases and that within a couple days the number would be “close to zero”? Or the one who, the day after that aired, his hunch that the virus “will disappear one day like a miracle”? Or the one who more than six weeks ago said with a straight face that anyone who wants a test can get a test? Or the one who advised March 6: “Just stay calm. It will go away”? Or the one who advocated  packing all our churches Easter Sunday — social distancing be damned? Or the one who’s been pushing the ineffective — at best — anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine? Or the one voicing support for “liberating” states with Democratic governors? Or the one who will consider giving aid to only mayors/governors who fawn all over him? Or the one who claims absolute responsibility for everything but takes  responsibility for absolutely nothing? You get the point. It also goes without saying that all of the above took place after the impeachment hearings had concluded.

And maybe — just maybe — we should bear in mind that the National Security Council’s Global Health Security and Biodefense unit, the one responsible for pandemic preparedness, was disbanded by a certain president in May 2018. That’s almost two years ago.

America is now at the top of the charts, with more COVID-19 cases — and deaths — than countries Nos. 2 through 5 combined. We’re No. 1. We’re No. 1.

So we do know who to blame after all, do we not?

Dennis Sing


What a great rehab center

I recently had to go to Pennypack Nursing and Rehabilitation Center after a bout with pneumonia.

My body needed physical therapy, and I just want to say the staff and PT were all wonderful to me.

That facility is the best-kept secret.

The care and concern I received were absolutely excellent.

I am forever grateful that they all nursed me back to health. Thanks to all of them.

Pattis Wirsz