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Residents organize Employee Appreciation Day at Protestant Home

Philadelphia Protestant Home resident Patricia Coyne cheers employees outside the main entrance.

Marlene Matarazzo, Elaine Grose and other Philadelphia Protestant Home residents last week organized an Employee Appreciation Day.

Employees took part in a “gratitude parade,” walking outside around the complex as residents applauded, waved, held signs of thanks and banged pots and pans on their balconies, along the sidewalk or from their windows.

Matarazzo said the employees deserved a thank you.

“They’re dealing with their own feelings about the pandemic, being isolated, except for coming to work,” she said. “They come to work, and they’re truly concerned about you. They’re so compassionate and caring.”

Matarazzo and Grose, along with fellow resident Ginger Nacrelli, worked with PPH’s Bill Conaway and Jennifer Honeyford to make appreciation day a success. Colorful signs decorated hallways and doors.

“They’re one of the reasons we decided to come here, the welcome we got when we came to visit,” Grose said of the employees. “It’s definitely a family-type atmosphere.” ••

Philadelphia Protestant Home resident Marge Simon greets employees parading through the parking lot.
Residents of the Philadelphia Protestant Home’s Gateway Manor came out of their apartments to thank employees.
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