Letters to the editor

Kenney has political agenda

The City of Philadelphia announced, because of coronavirus, all festivals, parades, concerts, carnivals, fairs and flea markets are canceled. This will be crippling to the Philadelphia economy and to the people who use these activities for fun and leisure. This virus has crippled people financially and emotionally since the start of it. As a city and as a nation, coronavirus has struck us hard.

In a time where our leaders need to make decisions that benefit the wellbeing of the people, Mayor Jim Kenney has decided to never forget his political agenda. I, unlike the mayor, am for keeping the people of Philadelphia safe. What I do not get is the support that the mayor and others are giving the people who rioted our streets, looted our stores and berated police officers. The mayor would probably say my assessment is wrong.

I would then say to the mayor, we are in a pandemic and you said the cancellation does not apply to demonstrations and First Amendment-right activities. I need the mayor to explain to me how he thinks these protesters, who in the past destroyed property and hurt people, are not going to spread the virus, which is the goal of the cancellation.

This is a political agenda for the mayor to let them protest and yell foul, awful things at our police officers who keep us safe. The mayor says his goal is to keep us safe. It is his goal if it does not affect his political agenda and the agenda of the far left. I will leave with this, Mr. Mayor. I think your stance on our police officers is appalling. The men and women in blue deserve better for the work they do. If the mayor will not do it, I will personally thank you, the men and women in blue, for keeping us safe. I promise to always have your back and have you in my prayers.

David Torres

Candidate for Congress

A history lesson for DeSean

Through no fault of his own, apparently DeSean Jackson does not know that the cofounder of the NAACP was Jewish; 90 percent of the lawyers who ventured south to help in the Civil Rights Movement were Jewish; Jewish activists were beaten and jailed supporting black protesters; two New York Jewish activists, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, were murdered trying to register voters; and Rabbi Abraham Heschel marched arm in arm with Martin Luther King.

Judaism teaches respect for the fundamental rights of all people and has stood with the black community over the years like no other white community. While DeSean never learned these historical facts, he must take responsibility for his hurtful, untrue and divisive anti-Semitic postings. He also has the responsibility to properly educate himself and others and to find other ways to make amends. That is the least he can do.

Tom Sexton


Please reopen our libraries

As I write this, our Free Library system remains closed. The libraries have been closed for nearly four months.

I can understand the health risks, but it would seem opening only the front desk areas so that people could pick up and return materials ordered online or by phone would have been workable.

Many people stuck at home could use the solace of a good book or movie, or might even need to study for their next job.

I think this should have been done months ago. Just another example of how our government requires extreme sacrifice on citizens with quarantines and limitations, with no regard for how much suffering they are imposing upon us.

Richard Iaconelli


Kenney at fault on trash pickup delay

O’Neill is correct. It’s time to use outside contractors to collect trash, and maybe it will be the first step to break this union.

Kenney is a union man (haha, my father was in the union, so I’m a union man, what a joke) but his biggest problem is he is spineless. Definitely wouldn’t want him in my foxhole. It’s time to step up to the plate. You didn’t do anything to curtail the looting and rioting, first strike. You were gutless and still are in the handling of the homeless camps. Yeah, we will take them down Friday. They are still there, strike two. You are working on a strikeout, Jimbo. What’s it going to be, Jimbo? Will trash be picked up in the morning?

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Thanks for donated meals

Thanks so very much to the Philabundance organization for bringing us really tasty lunches.

Thanks also to the drivers who deliver them to us twice a week. What a fine group of people.

I’m so glad us seniors are not forgotten

Patti Wirsz


A new slogan for Philly

While it may not rise to the level of Patti Labelle’s Get To Know Us campaign of last century, I would like to offer up a new ad slogan for The City Of Bloodied Limbs (And Slaughters Aplenty).

As I say, it is not on par with Ms. Labelle’s but I am sure Supreme Overlord Kenney will approve of it nonetheless.

Philadelphia: If you are not protesting or killing, GET THE F**K OUT!

So, what do you say? Do I get the job?

Bill McDevitt Jr.


Mayor perpetuates lawlessness

I recently learned that Mayor Jim Kenney is going to drop all citations against those who committed unlawful acts during the protests. I’m wondering if that includes Ms. Lore Blumenthal, who allegedly threw a flaming piece of wood into a Philadelphia police vehicle. A Philadelphia newspaper referred to her as a “caring person” who has helped others. This “caring person” demonstrated a blatant disregard for the safety of others, according to authorities.

What this mayor is doing is literally telling all criminals that Philadelphia will tolerate lawlessness. The citizens cannot wait for a referendum to recall city officials. This mayor should be removed immediately for gross dereliction of duty. It’s a disgrace how he empathizes with lawbreakers instead of their victims.

Peter DiGiuseppe