Letters to the editor

Targeted stimulus needed

The press doesn’t appear to give the same scrutiny to the Democrats that they give to Trump.

The latest stimulus package put forward by the Democrats was for over $3 trillion.

The Republicans wouldn’t print that much money and put our children and grandchildren in that much more debt.

So the Democrats admittedly dropped their demand to $2 trillion.

A trillion dollars is a million times a million dollars.

Did the Democrats really need all of that money or not?

Why can’t the stimulus money be agreed to in pieces to lessen the suffering now on some people? Why is it all or nothing, Nancy?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Easy choice

To quote the late and not-so-great Gov. George Wallace, let’s stop pussyfootin. It is time to call Donald J. Trump for what he is. Our white supremacist president is a megalomaniac. His only allegiance is to the guy who is looking back in the mirror who has even less sense and decency than he does. There may be some sense of comradery to his support staff who are kissing his you-know-what after being paid their 30 pieces of silver.

Never has there been such a clear distinction of who to vote for. If you are a Republican and you vote for a third candidate, you are really voting for Biden, and vice versa. If you are a Democrat and you vote for a third candidate, in reality you are voting Trump.

Ron Farbman



How come their speech starts with yadda, yadda, yadda and continues with the same theme. The puppet Outlaw isn’t qualified to do the job. She’s there to catch the flack so Kenney can continue to hide. Meanwhile, Krasner has to check the statistics like the Phillies and Sixers management and you see where that got them — fired. How can you be the DA of a major city that’s setting a record pace for murders and have to go back in time to see what you are doing wrong. It is very obvious what you are doing wrong. You aren’t prosecuting the criminals. He is using the plea bargain as if it’s the only judicial recourse. The shame of it is we knew your concept of prosecution is based on your years as a defense attorney, which has muddied the waters at the DA’s office and has affected this city greatly. Thankfully, you have bodyguards and live in a neighborhood where the police show up. Now stop reading your statistics and read the paper that will tell you how many shootings are occurring.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Houck gets things done

From the moment I met Karen Houck, I knew she was the right person for the state rep job in District 152. She has the right combination of personal charm, commitment to service, mental toughness, empathy for people, family values and strong character that you need to perform the duties of a state representative. She has demonstrated these characteristics over a lifetime of working, raising a family and performing community service. The first time I got to work with Karen was when she was raising money for the Upper Moreland Library project – the remodeling of the children’s library. She worked with government officials to effectively document the project, its goals and its community benefits to win several state grants that resulted in the successful remodeling of the children’s library, allowing it to be better utilized for students and families.

I have witnessed Karen work on several community projects. She has excellent leadership abilities, communication skills and a strong ability to work across party lines. She has worked with both Democrats and Republicans and obtained their joint support to accomplish a goal. All parties involved respected her abilities and focus, and the result is Karen Houck gets things done.

Bill Dixon


Vote for a better future

On Nov. 3, we are not just voting in another election. This is an election to decide do we want the same representation in the 2nd Congressional District that we have had the last two years. Do you want a congressman whose only concern is his political agenda and his political future? The current congressman, Brendan Boyle, is only concerned with making Nancy Pelosi happy.

This same congressman is doing nothing about the rundown public schools, along with the high crime and high poverty. Not to mention the opioid drug crisis. As your congressman, I will put the needs of the district first. I know the problems of the 2nd Congressional District and I will work hard every day to fix them.

Brendan Boyle spends his time confronting the president on social media while his district is in a struggle for its life every day. I will focus on making the 2nd Congressional District the best it can be. Remember on Nov. 3 to vote for a better future. Please vote for me, David Torres, #205.

God bless you.

David Torres

Republican Candidate for Congress

Fix the recycling problem

For at least the past month, probably longer, garbage pickup in my neighborhood has been using a single truck and mixing recycled materials with the regular garbage. So why are we wasting time separating our recyclable materials?

I realize the system is stressed because of COVD-19, but the city needs to get its act together when it comes to recycling. They used to do separate pickups for the two types of materials.

Joseph Picone


Stop and frisk can work

The gun violence in Philadelphia has to stop now. Innocent kids, pregnant women, shootouts in broad daylight. The power of the weapons used, .40 caliber, 9mm, etc., can kill blocks away. I think a plan of stop and frisk across the board could work. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, etc., anywhere young people congregate. But the twist is, if a gun is found, it is confiscated but no one goes to jail, not even a name taken. Therefore, no civil rights issues or constitutional issues, either. Ben Franklin once said, if you give up liberty for security, you end up with neither. I think that statement is very profound. But we have to try something.

Michael T. Clements


Democratic scare tactics

I would seriously love to know how U.S. Rep, Brendan Boyle could blatantly lie to the people he supposedly represents about Trump doing away with Social Security. How dare he use such a scare tactic to push his agenda to promote Joe Biden. He knows darn right well it was Joe Biden who said he will do away with Social Security, among other things.

Mr. Boyle, I wouldn’t vote for you if you paid me a million dollars. I will make sure everyone I know knows what you are all about. I think people should know the truth. The only way Social Security is on the line is if Sleepy Joe gets in office, and you know it.

If my memory serves me right, Democrats have been using the Social Security card for years, and guess what? We still have Social Security and as long as we pay into it, we always will, no matter who is president.

So please, just stop it already with the lies and scare tactics. Thank you.

Diane McDowell


Work needed on climate

Jared Solomon’s message about unity speaks very loudly during this time when the nation is in turmoil between hostile parties. We see the divide now more than ever, especially as the election is nearing in the coming weeks, and Pennsylvania has met issues with mail-in ballots.

Solomon has served as the representative to the 202nd district since 2017, effectively making this year his fourth year serving. One of Solomon’s platforms is public school funding. Jared Solomon has worked on many grants through his years and has supported many schools and educational programs in grants. This includes his $200k grant to the Carnell Elementary School Project in November of last year and other various amounts he has made out to the Cedar Grove Christian Academy and the like in relatively recent Safe Schools Targeted Grants and through the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association. School funding is, of course, an extremely relevant issue in Philadelphia, where our district faces cuts of millions of dollars in budgets for schools.

Jared Solomon also sponsors many House bills that affect people in the school populations, such as in PA – HB2083 that Solomon co-sponsored in 2019. It benefits the deaf student community and provides for their rights and the job the schools have to help the students. It’s important that we seek improvements to our system that will even the playing field.

In 2019, Solomon was one of the people who worked to bring in the $2.5 million in funding to the Gun Violence Task Force. Gun control is a known issue in Philadelphia, where the Task Force works to bring in illegal firearms and make arrests. Mr Solomon opposes guns and their use in order to foster a feeling of safety coming from the community to the students and people of the district. Thank you for not leaving ambiguity on your stance on guns. Firearm issues leave an impact on students if safety from community violence is extremely prevalent in their minds while they’re in a learning environment.

I admire a lot of the work Solomon has done on the issue of poverty with the Philadelphia Platform through grants. Additionally, I admire the work Rep. Solomon has done during the pandemic to provide relief to small businesses and families. It is certainly unprecedented times, and I hope that H.B. 1076 yields high benefits.

Rep. Solomon is doing a great job. He speaks to many of the Northeast people and connects with them on a personal level with his many local projects. I do honestly commend many of Solomon’s views and the actions he has taken as a representative. He focuses on the issues of poverty and community, but I believe Rep. Solomon should speak more about other extremely prevalent issues. I admire the many projects he does that benefit the community, but I would like to hear about how he can help the community be a bigger part in the climate effort. This is especially concerning because Pennsylvania is a large producer of coal and of natural gas.

Shirley Zhang

Masterman High School

Fully fund our schools

During state Rep. Neilson’s time as a state representative, he has raised money for schools, gun control and confronted income inequality. Neilson has raised a good amount of money for schools and has granted funds to schools with inadequate supplies, but he acknowledges that schools are still underfunded. For gun control, Neilson has supported a bill that declares gun violence as a “social epidemic that requires immediate action.” And in 2015, while a member of City Council, Neilson called for a special committee to be formed to try to fix income inequality. The committee was made up of five councilmen appointed by the Council president, and its research and recommendations were available to the public.

Mr. Neilson has been a great state representative and has done many things that have benefited our community. He’s about to go into another term as state representative after this year. We’ve seen what he has done but I would like to see Neilson do more. Funding for schools should be adequate. I think Neilson and city officials should cooperate with the school district to form a funding plan that would work for both the city and the school district, and give schools the funds they need to properly teach children. I know Neilson has already done a lot to raise money and influence the PA budget for schools but it’s not enough to solve the bigger problem. So I would like to see a school district budget solution in Neilson’s next term. I would also like to see Neilson pass bills that make it harder to obtain a firearm. He supports a bill that declares gun violence as a “social epidemic that requires immediate action” so why not pass a bill that makes it harder to buy a gun. It would make our streets safer as well.

Ricky Lee

Masterman High School

Make America sane again

Donald Trump (R): Shrewd “businessman,” four more years of tax-dodging, clueless, inexperience, selfishness, pardoning his corrupt crooked cronies, him being impeached, his many failures. 211,000-plus Americans who died, lost jobs, falling economy over his false leadership and incompetence. Greed, has no values. An administration always in chaos and Republicans who look the other way. Wealth before health, lies often and won’t apologize or take responsibility, arrogance, disrespect for our military and hate-mongering that has destroyed the image of this country, known womanizer who caters to the rich and his radical base. Hypocrisy.

Joe Biden (D): Leadership as eight years vice president, many years in the Senate, know-how, honor and respect, empathy, morals, plays by the rules, integrity. Proven experience and trust. Will be straightforward, values health before wealth. Stands up and fights for average Americans, the poor, working and middle class. Gaffes sometimes in bad humor, but can correct and apologize for them. Family man, will represent all Americans and not just a few.

Vote by or on Nov. 3, to make America sane again.

Carl Williams


Libraries with Lily

Lily is my 4-year-old niece. However, unlike her Uncle Billy, she cannot strengthen her mind the most of us did. Baby boomers were able to enhance their learning skills via time spent inside our libraries. Problem is, Jimbo Kenney sadly refuses to unlock our city libraries. Hence, most of my free time reading is spent on the front steps of the Holmesburg Library, which by the way opened its doors in 1899. My Lily is such a bright young girl that, as soon as those doors open, she will then start to shine. God, it will no doubt be a true blessing the day Lily and I are able to sit on those tiny chairs, reading Green Eggs and Ham. Walmarts, Wawas, Targets, bars and churches are all opened, so Jimbo, what’s the holdup? If it’s financial, I believe I have a way to bring all of our libraries back to life while possibly leaving them in the plus. First. Erase any and all past late fees to all of the library visitors and students. Secondly, begin a fundraiser (voluntarily) to all of the frequent users. This plan will not only increase the usage via the people unable to take items home due to a restricted library card, but will produce additional funds. In conclusion, this plan has the potential to be a win-win proposition. So, if this plan fails, what does the library and city have to lose? Therefore, lunch on the library steps with Lily is the best I can do to prepare her for life’s lessons.

P.S. Uncle Billy loves my little Lily so much.

Bill Heiser