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Home News EITC program aids 4 Northeast schools

EITC program aids 4 Northeast schools

State Rep. Martina White (R-170th dist.) recently presented checks for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit school scholarship program to St. Christopher, St. Anselm, Maternity BVM and Calvary Christian Academy.

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The EITC program gives business tax credits when those companies donate money to scholarship programs that give students the opportunity to attend the school of their choosing.

“The EITC program is critical in helping parents defray tuition costs while encouraging businesses to invest in the future workforce of our community,” White said.

White presented $5,000 checks to St. Christopher, St. Anselm and Maternity BVM, and a $10,000 check to Calvary Christian.

The EITC program provides tax credits to businesses that make contributions to children in kindergarten through grade 12, and organizations that provide funding for innovative educational programs.

“I want to encourage businesses in our community to take part in the EITC program,” White said. “It’s a wonderful way to help our students while earning tax credits as a sign of appreciation from the commonwealth.”

Call White’s office at 215-330-3711 for more information on the program. ••

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