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Showing off Northeast Philly

Pennypack on the Delaware

Jason Sherman noticed a lot of people were visiting and taking selfies in front of Four Seasons Total Landscaping at 7347 State Road. The family business rose to national recognition following an unlikely new conference the Trump campaign held in front of the business on Nov. 7. Since then, it’s become an unconventional landmark for the Northeast – one Sherman thinks the area shouldn’t necessarily be defined by.

“I saw two cyclists taking pictures outside the business and told them about all the stuff that was up here,” said Sherman, creator of King’s Highway.

According to Sherman, they were surprised when he pointed out some of the restaurants, parks and attractions in the surrounding North Delaware area.

“They said, really? All this stuff is here?” Sherman said. “I don’t know if they went, but I tried.”

Welcome to Northeast Philadelphia

To raise awareness to some of what Northeast Philly has to offer, Sherman and others put together a video highlighting a selection of local restaurants, history, outdoor activities and more. If you’re going to make the trip to take pictures at a landscaping business, why not make a day of it?

“Part of the bad perception Northeast Philly gets is people say, isn’t that a bad area, or aren’t people racist there? No, this area is actually nice,” Sherman said.

The video highlights nearby restaurants like House of Thai Cuisine and Emma’s Café and Sweet Lucy’s BBQ and attractions like the Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion and Pennypack on the Delaware.

It also promotes the King’s Highway, a historic road now known as Frankford Avenue. Sherman is the creator of the King’s Highway Trust Foundation and the Northeast Philadelphia Initiative, which share the vision of turning Northeast Philadelphia into a tourist destination.

“We just want to educate the public as to what Northeast Philadelphia and North Delaware have to offer because sometimes they just don’t know,” Sherman said.

View the video at https://youtu.be/KYi5Iy5_0Hs.

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