Police release details about Morrell Park standoff

A standoff situation resulted in a SWAT officer firing at a woman and a man shooting himself in the head during a barricade situation on Monday.

Two people are in critical condition following a barricade situation at a residence on the 3500 block of Kyle Road.

On Nov. 30, two Philadelphia police officers responded to an 8:39 p.m. call about a domestic dispute at the residence. The complainant said Gregory Ogrod, a 53-year-old white male, had changed the locks to the property.

The officers were allowed into the property by JayAnn Kinniry, a 55-year-old white female. Ogrod was in the kitchen armed with a shotgun, which he pointed at the officers and told them to leave. The officers exited and declared a barricade situation, and SWAT officers were called to the scene.

Officers attempted to communicate with the suspects for over an hour before being ordered to perform a hard knock and breach the front door. SWAT Officer Christopher Sarris, a 28-year veteran of the PPD, noticed Kinniry was holding a shotgun pointed in his direction and alerted the other officers that the female was armed.

Ogrod fired one shot at the SWAT officers from his position behind Kinniry. Officer Sarris discharged his weapon one time into Kinniry’s abdomen. The officers retreated while Ogrod and Kinniry retreated back into the property.

SWAT officers then entered the property through the rear and discovered Ogrod had suffered from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He and Kinniry were transported to Jefferson Frankford Hospital, where they remain listed in critical condition.

Police recovered multiple firearms from the property while executing a search warrant.

In the media advisory, police said the information is preliminary and subject to change as the investigation continues.