Letters to the editor

A time for sacrifice

Our many religions practically universally include a time of fasting or sacrifice. Devout members purposely impose upon themselves a period when they deny themselves of what is most important to them, though they be blessed with plenty. Certainly, this is no coincidence.

Throughout the ages, people of faith, finding themselves confronted with unforeseen catastrophe, be it war, disaster, famine, etc, prepare for uncertain futures that could suddenly upend life as they knew it.

Such a time has come for all of us. Can’t we sacrifice some of the joys and pleasures of the season for the good of loved ones by following sound health directions from the experts until this pandemic is under control? Our sacrifice this year will not just be a symbolic one, but a real one.

Edwin H. Smith



The Eagles should not remain in the NFC East. Even if the Eagles beat the pants off the Dallas Cowboys, the great state of Texas will declare the Cowboys the winner. The Eagles should be in the AFC East along with Buffalo, New England and the NY Jets. That way, games will be called fair and square.

Jim Quinn

Castor Gardens

Incite the truth

In response to the letter “Don’t incite sedition,” the writer states that there is an attempt to overturn the results of an election because the Republicans are unhappy with the results.

First of all, Hillary and the Democrats, for four years, didn’t like the result of the 2016 election because of Hillary losing.

This isn’t about finger-pointing at who won and who lost, and it goes beyond being a Democrat or a Republican, it’s about the integrity of voting in our republic.

The writer states that is an attempt to subvert the election process through disinformation. If that is the case, then why are the citizens of America, and Trump as well, not given the opportunity to disprove the disinformation of voter fraud of this election? Why are the Democrats and the press flagrantly ignoring the issue of voter fraud and brushing it aside?

Isn’t it the right of the people to find out the truth and not be dismissed by the opposition as a joke? Heck, the American people put up with the phony Russian collusion for four long years and we were all subjected to an impeachment hearing for all the public to view, but yet, we are not permitted to investigate the truth behind voter fraud as claimed by Trump and the affidavits of sworn witnesses?

Let’s define what sedition means: “to encourage or an action that promotes rebellion,” or in other words, “a rebellious disorder.” The writer continues to state that perpetrators of false statements and those who incite violence in our nation must be stopped.

Oddly enough, don’t we already have sedition against the Trump presidency now, and it hasn’t stopped yet for four years? And talk about false statements. How about the false statements of a dossier to impeach the president?

How about the violence imposed on the innocent citizens of the cities that were looted and burned during the riots, and all that Biden and Harris said about the rioters. “They have the right to express their feelings and protest” was their smug answer, but they did not condemn the rebellious disorder and the criminal activities of the looters who destroyed American cities.

To me, that was sedition. And I, too, believe that true patriots must defend the law, not defund the law, and I think the writer is confused with the true meaning of sedition, because if the writer is really concerned, it’s about the right of the people to find out the truth behind voter fraud.

Al Ulus


Restaurants hurting

The biggest problem with restaurant COVID controls is that the government officials think everyone is stupid. The basis for this shutdown was started in September. At that time, they were worried about the college students bringing it home with them. Then it was, let’s close the school before Thanksgiving so when the college students come home their siblings won’t take it back to school. They then would reopen the schools (stupidly) in December. They slowly created this scenario where, why not just close them till January. This way, we’re not making a revolving door with opening and closing. Even their January 1 reopening isn’t logical and everyone knows it. The writing is on the wall for a reopening 2-3 weeks into January, so everyone can quarantine for 14 days after New Year’s. The city will be closed for two months. Another negative for the restaurants is this time of year, they are selling the majority of their gift certificates. Not being able to sell them will affect their first-quarter business (if they are still in business).

Unless you can do a large amount of takeout food, you should probably shut your doors and wait the storm out. And don’t expect any help from goofball Kenney. He’s only worried about the renters.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Ban red-light cameras

While ARLE grant projects can be worthwhile, no municipality should accept the money, since it came from red-light cameras (which should be banned in PA). If we had best-practice engineering and enforcement, then practically nobody would ever “run” a light. Most people do not “run” a light on purpose. Taking money from these grants sends the message that all this is OK. Please note that the Philly Inquirer ran a story in 2017 saying that some of these cams had accuracy rates of 3% and the PPA was under FBI investigation.

It was reported multiple times that crashes went up in Philly at red-light camera intersections.

Nationwide, yellows may be too short, people can be cited a split-second after the lights change, for stopping over the stop line, or a non-complete stop for a right-on-red turn. Who can defend this setup?

All you need are speed limits set to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, longer yellows, decent-length all-red intervals and sensors to keep an all-red if someone enters late. No crashes. Can also sync lights and use sensors to change them and know where cars are. After simple changes are made, only egregious violators should ever be cited.

James Sikorski Jr.

PA Advocate National Motorists Association

Lock down prisons

The Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association is repeating its call for the Wolf administration to immediately lock down all state prisons and stop inmate transfers during the current COVID-19 pandemic surge. This administration often talks of containing spread, so why are we moving prisoners around Pennsylvania from prison to prison? Why aren’t we doing everything we can to limit activity in our prisons?

Our system is on the verge of being overcome. Testing is being done, but there isn’t any consistency from facility to facility. Right now, lockdowns and pausing transfers are the best way to help protect corrections officers, staff and inmates. PSCOA members are overworked and exhausted, working massive amounts of overtime due to COVID-19 illness within their ranks.

Our members need relief. It makes little sense to continue to allow for open and free movement within our prisons as the virus continues to spread. It makes even less sense to allow for potentially sick inmates to be transferred to different prisons. We believe this is contributing to the increased COVID-19 illnesses among our members and cost two officers their lives. The PSCOA is ready to work with the DOC and administration officials on a safety plan that will save lives.

John Eckenrode, Vice President