Letters to the editor

Too soon to open public schools

Superintendent Bill Hite wants to open schools for K-2 students shortly.

That would be great, but statistically in Philadelphia it is too soon.

Those students can carry the disease back to parents, grandparents, etc., even with a low rate of vaccinations so far.

The teachers’ union had to have a memorandum of understanding to hold Hite’s feet to the fire for safety reasons.

Philadelphians don’t need a large spreader event.

When Hite says those little room fans are sufficient, we need to save all of our lives. Don’t believe the Hite.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Shame on Trump supporters

Since the terrorist “MAGA” mob insurrection that stormed to take over the U.S. Capital on Jan. 6, we still find those who want to defend and make excuses for Donald Trump’s radical behavior.  Let’s face it. Con Don lost votes by a landslide because 81 million smart and concerned citizens saw the decline of this country’s morale and it getting further divided by a guy who was more in favor of pardoning his crooked cronies than trying to save the many more American lives lost by calling COVID a “hoax.” His desperate attempt to overturn the election has brought shame, crimes, death and chaos. Many police and U.S troops had to beef up security to protect public government officials and a peaceful transition of power. The guy was never qualified to begin with to be president. His radical message brought in his angry, greedy, hate-filled supporters and a few blinded by his TV stardom. Those who follow Trump are as guilty of crimes committed since his false election in 2016. I will never support a party (R) of hate, greed, bigotry, racism, hypocrisy and voter suppression. Or a guy known for warmongering and a con artist who wants to take the country backwards on false ideas and no substance. I trust President Joe Biden more about policies, temperament and love for our country’s needs than a guy who will never apologize for his many mistakes but will say and do anything to win.

Carl Williams


The meaning of insurrection

If you think the looting and violence last summer was insurrection, you are seriously disturbed.  The lawlessness of the summer was horrendous and should be and was condemned. And those who participated should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately, our idiot mayor released many of them. But it was not insurrection. The disgusting events of Jan. 6 were in no way the same. It was an attack on our Capitol. An internal attack on our democracy. Those people are not Americans, and it was not patriotism, it was treason.

It was supported by members of the Republican Party giving a tour of the Capitol a day before the attack. It was incited by President Trump telling them to march to the Capitol and be strong, or you will lose your country. Most were white supremacists armed and ready for battle. If you are finding yourself making excuses for what happened, then count yourself in that category also.

David Chester


Biden’s broken promise

Another broken political promise. Biden promised to open the schools in the first 100 days. He is kowtowing to the teachers’ union. His concept of opening the schools is in-class teaching one day a week. So basically he wants to put the education system in reverse. Consider 63% of the schools in the country are currently going more days than that. He threw numbers around during his campaign and now he changed them to the detriment of the children and to the benefit of the unions. Thankfully, the grocery store clerks didn’t hold up the country like teachers’ unions or we would be starving.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

More reasons to vote for Trump

Big-city newspapers and their columnists can’t understand why 76 million people voted for Trump in the last election:

Maybe it was President Biden rarely answering questions, particularly about ending the pandemic, or never being challenged by the media that openly wished to elect him.

Maybe it is the pink slips the American workers will receive with Biden’s $2 trillion environmental agenda.

Maybe it is the sanctuary cities.

Maybe they knew that Biden’s climate plan looks like Democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

Maybe they knew that the Biden administration would assemble a commission to consider expanding the Supreme Court. This was after President Biden told 60 Minutes in October, “The last thing we need to do is turn the Supreme Court into just a political football, whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want.”

Maybe it is the school board of San Francisco that voted to rename 44 schools honoring Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and others who had problematic “values.”

Maybe it is John Kerry flying around in his private jet, despite the intentions of fighting fossil fuels. (Corporate jets emit upward of 40 times as much carbon per passenger as commercial aircraft.)

Maybe it is removing books from school curriculum that say the n-word while singers have the n-word in their lyrics.

Maybe it was when Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to harass members of the Trump administration when they see such individuals out in public or at eating establishments.

Maybe it was the members of Congress who want to take away guns from the American people but have bodyguards.

Maybe it is the members of Congress who did not want the border wall, but they live in a gated community (Give me an H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y).

Maybe …

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Civil discourse needed

In response to the Election was fair letter by the Philadelphia Protestant Home group — Not. Thank you to your group for getting involved and discussing current events in a community atmosphere. I disagree with your group’s assessment of the 2020 presidential election. I believe it was fraudulent but I also unequivocally agree with your group that we are all patriots and as patriots, we have a duty to utilize responsible discourse when discussing current events. Thank you for your article. May I please make a suggestion? I would be very interested to introduce a program to your group  for discussion. The Daily Wire is a program that ceases rhetoric, repudiates violence and promotes civil discourse. This program also offers an alternative view compared to most of our current media’s status quo of the current state of political events. I think the PPH group may find it interesting. I will gladly purchase an account for the PPH group.

Steve Madden