Father Judge documentary makers release trailer for next film

The creative team behind “Remembering the 27 Crusaders” released a trailer for follow-up documentary “64,” which tells the story of 64 students at Thomas Edison High School who were killed in the Vietnam War.

The creative team that produced the documentary Remembering the 27 Crusaders released a trailer for its successor, 64,” which tells the story of 64 Thomas Edison High School students killed in the Vietnam War.

Still in production, the documentary will examine the long-term collateral damage from these deaths in the “urban blue-collar” neighborhoods in Philadelphia. More students died at Edison than any other high school in America.

In a similar vein, 27 Crusaders premiered at Father Judge High School in 2018 and tells the story of the 27 Father Judge students who lost their lives in the same war. The documentary focused on the families of those killed and the lack of an outlet for them to grieve or express their emotions in a time where there was little priority placed in mental health.

The film is presented by American Veterans Films and co-directed by Shawn Swords and Roger Bruce. It is expected to release later this year. ••