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Crime log: April 6, 2021

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

March 15 through 28

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were six robberies. Tyreik Gladney, 39, was arrested March 22 following a robbery on the street of 5600 Rising Sun Ave. with a handgun, and Marcus Childs, 41, was arrested March 26 following a robbery at a bank/credit union at 7500 Castor Ave. Other robberies happened on the highway at 6300 Oxford Ave. (March 16), 6300 Summerdale Ave. (March 19), 2100 Faunce St. (March 22) and 7500 Castor Ave. (March 26), all of which involved firearms.

There were 15 aggravated assaults, which resulted in four arrests. Assaults on the street happened at 600 Adams Ave. (March 18), 1300 Saint Vincent St. (March 20), 6800 Bustleton Ave. (March 20) and 1300 Howell St. (March 25, Ginorio Fernandez, 33), all of which involved handguns; at 6600 Castor Ave. (March 17) with a knife; and domestic assaults at 6400 Rising Sun Ave. (March 28) and twice at 7300 Dungan Road (March 25). Assaults with knives happened at private residences at the intersection of Castor Avenue and Knorr Street (March 15, Caal Nery, 32) and 1200 Elbridge St. (March 24), and domestic assaults happened at 300 Friendship St. (March 19), twice at 6700 Calvert St. (March 24, Yukang You, 33) and 1300 Wells St. (March 20, Angelo Lester, 39). An assault with no weapon took place at a restaurant at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. on March 19.

There were 12 burglaries. Eric Shubert, 35, was arrested March 20 following a burglary at a private residence at 6600 Souder St., and Ginorio Fernandez, 33, was arrested March 26 following a burglary at an apartment house at 1300 Howell St. Burglaries happened at private residences at 2100 Longshore Ave. (March 28), 2100 Griffith St. (March 26), 6100 Colgate St. (March 20) and 7100 Lynford St. (March 23), and at apartment houses at 7300 Dorcas St. (March 17), 7900 Castor Ave. (March 21) and 600 E. Godfrey Ave. (March 25). Other burglaries happened at a hotel/motel at 7600 Roosevelt Blvd. (March 23), a liquor store at 2100 Cottman Ave. (March 19) and a retail location at 1800 Cottman Ave. (March 19).

There were 55 thefts, which targeted 28 businesses, 22 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), four street thefts and a public housing site. Six arrests were made.

7th Police District

Three vehicles were robbed with handguns, happening at 11500 Roosevelt Blvd. (March 15), 2200 Emerson St. (March 21) and 1600 Emerson St. (March 23).

There were four aggravated assaults, which happened on the street at 700 Solly Ave. with a handgun (March 25) and at 1700 Danforth St. with a knife (March 19), and at private residences at 1700 Danforth St. with a knife (March 19) and a domestic assault at 2100 Benson St. (March 19).

Gavin Montoya, 23, was arrested March 30 following a burglary at a factory/warehouse at 2100 Hornig Road. An apartment house at 900 Emerson St. was burglarized March 20.

There were 33 thefts, which targeted 16 vehicles, 11 businesses, four street thefts (including a pickpocketing), an apartment house and a nursing/retirement home. Four arrests were made.

8th Police District

There were three robberies. Larry London Jr., 29, was arrested March 27 following a robbery at an apartment house at 3500 Woodhaven Road. A restaurant at 2900 Welsh Road was robbed March 19, and an apartment house at 10900 Helmer Drive was robbed March 20.

There were eight aggravated assaults. There were three assaults with handguns on the street at 8900 Roosevelt Blvd. on March 25, and two assaults with other weapons on the street at 1400 Franklin Mills Circle on March 24. Other assaults include a domestic assault at a gas station at 2600 Grant Ave. (March 20), an assault with a knife at a prison facility at 8300 State Road (March 15) and an assault at a prison facility at 8000 State Road (March 24).

There were no reported burglaries.

There were 41 thefts, which targeted 21 vehicles (including two stolen car phones and two stolen vehicle tags), 16 businesses, two street thefts, a private residence and a doctor’s office. Two arrests were made.

15th Police District

There were 14 robberies, which resulted in five arrests. Robberies on the street happened at 4100 Glenview St. (March 18, Nathaniel Alberto, 32), 7800 Ditman St. (March 17), 5800 Roosevelt Blvd. (March 22), 6800 Torresdale Ave. (March 26, Renaldo Ruiz, 20) and 4800 Tackawanna St. (March 27), all of which involved firearms; 5200 Torresdale Ave. (March 26) with a knife; 4300 Princeton Ave. (March 19) with another weapon; and 1900 Bridge St. (March 16, Dwayne Toler, 35), the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Harbison Avenue (March 25, Dominique Day-Harris, 29) and 6900 Brous Ave. (March 25) with no weapons. Other robberies happened at a food store at 7000 Roosevelt Blvd. (March 24, Yukang You, 33), a private residence at 5700 Frankford Ave. (March 25), a SEPTA elevated station at 5200 Frankford Ave. (March 22) and an unlisted location at 5100 Akron St. (March 15).

There were 15 aggravated assaults, which resulted in six arrests. Assaults on the street with handguns happened at 3300 Ashville St. (March 21, Pagan Raymond, 26), 1500 Pratt St. (March 17), 5100 Saul St. (March 18, Ronald Lloyd, 18), 4600 Frankford Ave. (March 18), 1800 Pratt St. (March 20), 2500 Duncan St. (March 20, Kasheema Brunson, 26), 2800 Levick St. (March 26) and 5100 Whitaker Ave. (March 21); an assault with a knife happened at 4200 Longshore Ave. (March 22); an assault with another weapon happened at 3300 Aldine St. (March 21); domestic assaults happened at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (March 16) and the intersection of Castor and Adams avenues (March 16); and an assault on police happened at 7000 Roosevelt Blvd. (March 24, Yukang You, 33). Other incidents include a domestic assault at 2000 Granite St. (March 23, Robert Woolford, 64) and an assault with no weapon at a SEPTA elevated station at 5200 Frankford Ave. (March 27, Davine Butler, 20).

There were four burglaries, which targeted private residences at 4700 Oxford Ave. (March 23), 2700 Croydon St. (March 20) and 1500 Overington St. (March 16) and an apartment house at 3200 Wellington St. (March 15).

There were 78 thefts, which targeted 41 vehicles (including 13 stolen vehicle tags), 18 street thefts, 13 businesses, five private residences and a bicycle. Five arrests were made.

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