A dog and guinea pigs up for adoption

Penny was found as a stray and she knows some commands – sit, paw and down. She is dog and kid friendly and loves everyone she meets. Her favorite thing to do is give kisses and give you her belly for rubs. Penny is house and crate trained and ready to meet you. Email freedomfirstrescue@gmail.com. ••


Kneesaa and Nippett, 6 months old, were left abandoned at the local shelter with no real information. Kneesaa is the boss and will try to nibble on your fingers, if you allow it. Nippett is shy and needs a patient caretaker. Young children would not be in their best interest.

The adoption fee is $65 for the pair, for an approved applicant.

They are happy girls who would love to popcorn into your heart. The girls need a patient owner willing to accept them as they are. They will need time to adjust and accept handling. They love their nightly veggies and can be very vocal while waiting for them.

Guinea pigs are prey animals and it’s natural for them to hide. They need an extra-large habitat for room to popcorn and play. Potential adopters will be asked to provide proof of habitat and other provisions. Research owning guinea pigs and be fully aware of what is involved. They require lots of time and space. Make sure you have no allergies to them or hay that is fed.

Guinea pigs are extremely social animals, especially with pigs of the same sex. Guinea pigs live an average of 5 to 8 years, sometimes longer.

Visit https://nar.rescuegroups.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=16915353.

To volunteer at Northeast Animal Rescue or to learn about submitting rescue pet photos for a 2022 calendar, visit nar.rescuegroups.org. ••