Letters to the Editor

Blame Jimbo and Larry

Amazing. Ten-thousand shootings since 2015. Guess who became mayor Jan. 4, 2016? Our illustrious Jimbo Kenney. I’m pretty sure we didn’t have the pandemic in 2016 through 2019. Then in that banner day in January 2018, the infamous Larry (Let ‘em Loose) came on board. Just wondering if there is any correlation of these two events to the increase in shootings and murders. I really don’t think it’s a stretch.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

What are they thinking?

There are a couple groups of people that have the higher rates of COVID but they also have the higher rates of not being vaccinated.

Does that make sense?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Still confused

Confused when words are spoken that are offensive to people and they criticize persons who say offensive words, but the 76ers honor Meek Mill, whose songs contain the n-word, the f-word and violence against women.

Confused when a judge said it is OK to break the law. A judge ordered, starting Aug. 1 in Northwest Philadelphia, police officers will no longer be permitted to stop, question or detain people for “quality of life” (panhandling, urinating in public or smoking marijuana, etc.,) violations.  I’m guessing that judge’s lawn is not in Northwest Philadelphia.

Confused that President Biden is now acknowledging that there is a serious crime problem in the major cities, especially homicides, and is willing to send $350 billion from the COVID-19 relief bill to assist those states and cities for public safety efforts, including adding more police officers, even beyond pre-pandemic levels. In addition, City Council is allotting over $100 million to fight gun violence in the city. Was it not less than a year ago, the battle cry from the Democrats was “Defund the Police!”

Confused when racial “equality” was another rallying cry from the progressives since May 2020. Now Mayor Kenney is using the term racial “equity” in his budget. Isn’t equity another word for socialism?

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Turn down the noise

Well, it’s that time of year again. Fireworks being set off at all hours, radios blasting from cars and those “modified mufflers” that make a Honda Civic sound like a racing car.

Do these noise-makers understand what the sudden spikes in noise do to the elderly and the ill or babies and even pets? It’s not kids making this racket. It is mostly adults who should know better.

Research is very clear this noise-assault causes health problems, and is even a predictor of depression and heart disease. I bet it causes more problems than “sugary drinks.”  (I guess we can’t tax noise.)

Where are our city leaders, from the mayor on down? We can see the damage done when we demoralize the police and make them leery of confrontation. What cop wants to chase a car with a modified muffler? Or a fireworks junkie? These are not the quality-of-life “issues” City Council pooh-poohs. These are quality-of-life crimes.

It’s time for police to crack down. And it’s time for us to demand it.

Richard Iaconelli


Trump voters blind

It’s funny yet embarrassing to see those who come here weekly to comment and defend the 45th and president pretender Donald Trump. They make every excuse to still support his lies, criminal acts, the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol attack and his radical behavior. He’s still giving his circus-type rallies to the blind and faithful who feel he can do no wrong. Yet he did plenty of that. You defend a guy who cheats and manipulates the system to his own benefit like hiding his taxes. A guy who does not honor true “conservative” values, is a known womanizer. If any of his properties collapsed like the one in Florida recently, he without remorse would make sure the descendants of the fallen would still have to pay the rent because he only stands for greed.

Many Americans died under his watch from COVID while he was more concerned about his fame and the stock market. So why not accept the fact that he lost the election by a landslide? More than 81 million smart voters who were tired of his poor excuses, lack of leadership and incompetence saw who he truly was and still is. You don’t ask a conman or a hustler to do a job that’s based on law when Trump knows only to break them. If you do then the results from early 2016 to late 2020 are what they are. Still an embarrassment. Think over it.


Carl Williams


Eat Crow, Joe

Why all of a sudden do we have a problem with voting rights since Obama’s presidency, when we never had a problem before?

Biden and the Democrats are claiming there is voter suppression among the black voters who do not possess the relevant forms of voter identification.

Therefore, let’s look back in history to the elections of the Democrat presidents Kennedy, Clinton and Obama, and see how the black community voted in those elections.

For the results of the 1960 election for Kennedy, he received 70 percent of the black vote. No problem here with voter suppression.

For the 1992 election, Bill Clinton received 83 percent of the black vote. No suppression here.

And for Obama’s election, there was an increased participation from black voters and according to the exit polls, over 95 percent of blacks voted for Obama.

So where did all this bull come from about voter intimidation?

And now we have the ACLU inciting Americans to oppose the voter ID legislation, claiming voter ID laws deprive Americans the right to vote. For one, the ACLU states that obtaining ID costs money and there is a significant expense for lower-income Americans. And two, there is a major burden on people with disabilities, the elderly and those without access to a car.

My rebuttal is that we have social services that provide vans for the disabled and elderly paid through Medicare and Medicaid, and there is Uber and Lyft that people can pay out of their welfare checks that the state and government agencies give, especially when there is no shortage of money coming from Biden’s stimulus checks.

This is all a fabrication of lies set by Biden to federalize the elections, so the government has a hand in controlling elections their way, as much as they federalized healthcare under Obamacare.

This isn’t about voter intimidation, it’s about voter fraud, and it’s all to cheat Americans out of a fair and honest election, because when it worked for the 2020 election, it will work for future elections.

Al Ulus