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Stop spreading misinformation

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The COVID-19 virus is a deadly predator that has killed more than 600,000 Americans and left countless others with long-haul symptoms. Like lions after the weak and lame in a zebra herd, it hunts easy targets, including unvaccinated people who place politics over proven science. People like regular letter-writer Al Ulus, who makes false claims about the vaccines and tells us not to trust them. Mr. Ulus et al can rant freely on these pages about our politicians, but words potentially inspiring people to put their lives at risk don’t belong here. Publishing such misinformation week after week is irresponsible and potentially deadly. This paper exists to inform, not endanger us, and needs to take this responsibility more seriously. Mr. Ulus, read up, wise up, and mask up. We don’t want you on a ventilator.

Paul Kaplan

Morrell Park

Trump great on economy, vaccine

To all those who think we should not criticize the current administration, where were you when President Trump was in office? Our former commander in chief could not take a single action without the negative piling on of the media. The names that he and his family were called by pseudo “celebrities“ … just disgraceful.

He did more to bring back the economy than any recent presidents I can recall. COVID came along and everything screeched to a halt. But if it wasn’t for President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, Biden would still be fumbling to push development of a vaccine for COVID. So for those who preach that we should not criticize the current president, please let me know what Biden has done in office that has been positive for our country. Look at the southern border, look at gas and oil prices, check out the current inflation rate, look at the unclear messages put out every day regarding COVID, vaccines, school reopening, mask mandates, etc., and look at the Afghanistan debacle. And where is Harris? Crickets.

Mary Tinsman


Are Afghans safer in Philly?

They are bringing refugees from Afghanistan to Philadelphia because they have no government, people are being killed on the streets and they don’t feel safe.

Talk about jumping from the pan into the fire.

We have Kenney, Krasner and Outlaw and 600 murders a year.

I don’t want to cause Philadelphians from storming PHL but where are the planes going afterward from bringing all the refugees?

A safer place, I hope.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Biden an embarrassment

This is a rebuttal to the Good riddance to Trump letter. Trump lost no election. Get your facts correct and your head out of the hole it’s in. To your response to an international embarrassment, you must be on something. I’d like some.

Border situation – embarrassment.

Afshan handling – embarrassment.

Depending on oil from overseas – embarrassment.

Taxes – embarrassment.

Popularity – embarrassment.

Answers no questions – embarrassment.

Trump came out with the vaccine, not your Obama puppet.

As far as your VP, all she does is laugh. I guess if I had her job, I’d laugh, also.

Ditch your network news liars who tell you what they’re told to say. Watch real news.

Jim Dawson


Some more confusion

Confused when it is OK to burn an American flag, but it is a hate crime to burn a BLM or LGBTQ flag.

Confused when politicians have private security for “safety” reasons (Rep. Cori Bush and NY City mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, etc.) or gated communities (Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, etc.) but they refuse to protect our borders.

Confused when President Biden terminated the Keystone Pipeline and over 10,000 U.S. jobs but lifted the sanctions on the natural gas pipeline being built under the Baltic Sea by Russia, making Russia a key player in the energy supply business in Europe.

Confused when the census report was released that in the city of Philadelphia, there were almost 65% people of color living in the city. Then why didn’t DA Krasner charge one of the seven persons who almost killed the person at 3rd and Christian streets with a hate crime?

Confused when BLM is making anti-American comments about Cuba and the politicians and the corporations remain silent.

Confused when Joel Embiid signs a contract for $197 million and the 76ers lay off 18, some 30-year, employees.

Confused when President Biden blamed the previous administration for the pull-out of Afghanistan but did not overturn the former president’s withdrawal with an executive order like the over 50 executive orders overturning the former president positions.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Paying the price

A person’s personal liberty sometimes has to be limited for the overall good of society. Supreme Court Justice Holmes said, “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” Do as you personally please but if it affects others it becomes a matter of public concern. Freedom of speech does not allow a person to cry “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Freedom of the press is a slippery slope that should not include spreading obvious lies on the internet or Facebook that cost the lives of gullible people. In short, if your right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” denies another person these very same rights it cannot be permitted. The world has seen an explosion of COVID cases among the unvaccinated due to the newly mutated and highly transmissible Delta variant. It is now the dominant strain worldwide. Fortunately, current vaccines are effective against it. The more virus particles that exist, the more likely another variant will emerge that no vaccine can eliminate. Those who reject vaccines because of “personal freedom” are putting millions of people at risk of death. Some say that as hospitalization numbers rapidly increase, depleting the limited supplies, any unvaccinated person coming in with COVID should be quarantined but not treated. Shouldn’t people have to pay the consequences for their choices?

Mel Flitter



Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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