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Letters to the Editor

Power to the people

The leadership of America is reducing the quality of life for its citizens with the following programs:

Defunding the police, not arresting criminals and not prosecuting them for their crimes, letting criminals out of prison, and not making them accountable for their crimes puts our population in danger. Violent crime is up across America. Criminals know that they can do anything they want to because they won’t be held accountable. There are so many shootings in our cities. How can it be justified? It can’t be. No one can justify it. Unfortunately, the vast majority are black Americans who are being shot as well as doing the shooting.

How can you take away money from the only law enforcement groups that help keep us (U.S. citizens) safe and increase spending to private companies for only the safety of mayors and political leaders of our cities and states and federal government.

Teaching woke agendas and indoctrinating our children with the ideas of things like critical race theory is wrong. Children should get their morals and be taught correct social behavior from their families.

Journalists aren’t objective anymore. They are reporting things the way the left and far left want them to. There is lots of propaganda and many downright lies on TV. The White House is working with social media to shut down what citizens are saying if it is against what the leadership wants others to see or hear. These are the first steps of turning this country into a communist state.

Many people (even those who hold political office) who disagree don’t speak up because they are gutless and are afraid of losing their jobs. They follow the leadership and not the people.

It seems like a relatively small group of people is dictating what should be followed in this country.

The open borders are also a problem. How can you bring in new people when the people who are already citizens are suffering and need to be helped. Especially during a pandemic.

In our history, we had the Boston Tea Party when there was taxation without representation. Now we have a loss of our democracy without representation.

This should be a rallying cry.

No one party should have the power to destroy our democracy. There are too many radical ideas. All of the people should be heard. It seems to me that all the new laws and mandates are overriding the rules of our democracy. Overall, no one has been given the mandate to do all these changes. These are issues for the people to decide. Our system of government wasn’t set up to have one party in charge of trying to stay in power and monopolizing every aspect of our lives. It was set up to have two parties work together to get results for the wellbeing of the American citizens.

Larry Chiolan

East Torresdale

Serve God and country

What does it take to be a congressman or congresswoman?

I thought you take an oath on the Bible to God and country.

AOC, Tlaib and Omar do not believe in God and country, so it seems.

So how and why did they get elected to serve in Congress and be served. Look at their platform: marxism.

Richard B. Krzaczek

Lexington Park

Play hardball with Ben

The president of the United States’ salary is $400,000 a year. Ben Simmons gets more than $402,000 per game based on 82 games per year. He makes more per game than the president makes in a year. Simmons stands to lose $227,000 for every day he refuses to play, which is only about half of his daily salary. His trade value is now very low based on his childish behavior. We are a nation that respects contracts. Keep him on contract. Withhold further salary and sue him for breach of contract and failure to provide services.

Mel Flitter


Our leaders are failing us

Evidently, Philadelphians will tolerate anything.

We have a mayor, DA and police commissioner who are failing us miserably.

The mayor and now DA won’t even debate their opponent to give the voters a full discussion.

We just keep voting the same party as they do in countries we condemn.

We also put up with school superintendent Hite with his dangerous antics and lies with mold, asbestos, etc. in school buildings.

As SS Major Hochstetter from Hogan’s Heroes would ask: “What is this man doing here?”

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

No help from the K&K boys

Four-hundred murders and what do we get? Two canned speeches from the K&K (Kenney & Krasner) boys. We also got the usual government recipe for solving any problem. Throw money into a bowl of nonprofits. Add. Stir. Wait 2 years to see how much money is missing. Indict some people. Murder rate still high. Do it again. Let’s break the cycle and indict some criminals instead of the police.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

The IRS is coming

Are we headed toward socialism/communism? Only an opinion of one but I think, yes. We are making an all-out assault on the wealthy successful individuals and businesses, labeling them every name possible. We are penalizing success and rewarding failure. The state of Arizona, using an all-out media blitz, put a question on the ballot about taxing the wealthy. Not very surprising, the answer was yes. This will not be the last state to put this on a ballot. Instead, we should have a question about term limits and balanced budget amendment on the ballot. You will notice they never mention the staggering dollar amount of taxes they do pay. I can assure you the promise of additional tax revenue will never work its way to middle-class America.

The politicians pushing this, along with the media, fail to mention one important fact. The tax laws are written. and voted on, by the very same people. Each new tax law is beyond lengthy and complex. Our fearless leaders are mostly lawyers, so I feel it is intentional. Now the real fun. The IRS then has the task of writing clarifying regulations on how these laws will work in practice and what is needed to comply. This leaves room for loopholes. It is not intentional but it is a fact. The smart tax people then take advantage of these loopholes, which is their job. Bottom line is they are not breaking any law despite being called cheats, frauds, etc. I wish I could do the same to reduce my tax liability. Don’t we all?

Now the scary part. Biden is proposing hiring 87,000 new IRS agents (yikes.) This is under the false pretense they will be needed for auditing the wealthy. The harsh reality is we may only need 1% of this number. Why this many? Again, only an opinion, but I can assure you the auditing will work its way down to the middle class. They are going to conduct a witch hunt for what I call under-the-table income. Trump was called a Nazi. This will be headed in that direction. I have labeled it the IRS Gestapo. Our leaders have increased the national debt to an incredible level. I feel confident there will be new taxes to offset the increase in our debt.

Possibly a sales tax or a value-added tax. A VAT will create a need for more IRS agents, so buckle up.

Put aside your party affiliation and everything else and ask yourself, is this the proper direction for our country? If we do nothing now, there may not be a later.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

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