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Pick Roxy or Pym as your new pet


Roxy is a little pittie pup. This 9-month-old cutie will have you on the go all day long with her boundless energy and zest for life. Roxy loves walks, runs, tennis balls, rope toys, snacks, treats, cats and most of all people (kids included). Playful, high energy and social, Roxy’s previous owners noted that she is already crate trained and housetrained, plus she knows several commands. In a previous home, Roxy lived harmoniously with children and cats. Come meet little Roxy today at Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control, 111 W. Hunting Park Ave., or email adopt@acctphilly.org. ••

Pym, like most Roborovski hamsters, is pretty fast and not easy to handle. However, she is not nippy when handled and is in great condition. An experienced home is prefered. Robo’s are generally the look-don’t-touch-type of hamster. They are extremely active and require a lot of enrichment.

Hamsters are crepuscular creatures. Like many other mammals, hamsters are more likely to be awake and active at dawn or dusk. This isn’t to say that some hamsters don’t ever stay awake all night. Much like humans, individual hamsters have their own sleep patterns. They aren’t all awake and playful at exactly the same time. This does mean you may not get quality time with them since most won’t wake up until evening/night time.

More information is at https://nar.rescuegroups.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=17320742.

To volunteer at Northeast Animal Rescue or to buy a 2022 calendar, visit nar.rescuegroups.org. ••

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