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Thank you for supporting holiday fund

The 73rd annual Eleanor Smylie Community Fund drive was a success, thanks to our readers.

Times readers contributed to the fund, helping their neighbors provide holiday dinners and gifts for their children. All money collected was used to buy gift cards for struggling individuals and families.

Happy New Year.

Here are some recent donors:

• Anonymous $50

• In memory of Margaret Evans-Tarpinian $25

• In memory of Crankshaw, Dallas, Corcoran and O’Hara families $100

• Pat and John Walder $50

• In memory of Paulette (Polly) Ischinger $100

• Jean M. Kolb $25

• Marie and Richard Paschall $100

• Oxford Beverage $1,000

• Rosemarie Pruette $25

• Anonymous $25

• Kurian Skaria and Achamma Kurian $50

• Albert Mikutis $200

• Anonymous $50 ••

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