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Moving Philly forward

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When I began my research into my district’s representative, I was expecting of them as much as I had heard: very little. Online and print journalism alike of great popularity tends to focus on state and national politicians and politics, and the pessimistic sentiments and overt sensationalism they can be plagued by in times like these means that when someone’s eyes are set on their local representative, they are set with a scrutinizing gaze.

Imagine my surprise, and my excitement, to investigate Rep. Solomon’s work through local journalism, and learn the timbre and tune of the voice that represents me in Harrisburg. To find a proactive, passionate voice whose firm words did not betray his stances on the key issues.

Rep. Solomon proved well aware of the duty of the government to help the most vulnerable of society, whether they are school-age children who need to have their education protected – as he did by voting against HB 97, which would have authorized budget cuts for low-performing charter schools – or medically needy or incarcerated adults. Solomon voted against HB 33, which repealed a general assistance program that supported them, and the latter he defended by voting against a bill that would instate mandatory minimum sentences, which contribute to the undermining of the value of mitigating factors and to the propagation of mass incarceration, primarily of people of color. Beyond legislation, Rep. Solomon has championed several social platforms and organizations that uplift our communities, such as the civic organization Take Back Your Neighborhood, the interwoven long-term proposals that make up the Philadelphia Platform and the Schools-to-Work Program, which gives businesses the incentive and students the opportunity to collaborate, forging them real potential career paths.

However, despite it being interconnected with these civic and social issues, I found Rep. Solomon’s advocacy on women’s reproductive rights lacking. Although my worries were assuaged when I discovered nothing that indicated he was opposed to them, when his outspokenness on other issues is so great, his quietness in this critical area raises more questions than his silence might otherwise stifle. For such an important issue, silence is unaffordable. I am certain that, once Rep. Solomon turns his gaze onto this issue, it will see the dedicated effort and resulting progress his other areas of focus enjoy.

Brayan Orozco

Julia Masterman High School

Plenty of blame to go around

Other major cities have their police and fire departments portrayed as heroes on national TV shows. Philadelphia doesn’t because we are led by our own Moronic Mayor, Krazy Krasner and Out of Touch Outlaw. There is a new sitcom show coming on ABC Channel 6, titled Abbott Elementary. It is based upon a Philadelphia elementary school. Comical or not, there is nothing more serious than the education of our children. Don’t blame the teachers or the principals, blame the higher ups like the Hite school district management, the school board and the individual who appoints the board like our moronic mayor.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

It is amazing

It is amazing that we have media at Poland’s border showing how they are handling their crises, while the media is nowhere to be found at the southern border of the U.S. Is it the Biden administration or the media making the decisions, or both?

It is amazing that the NBA and its tweeting players (LeBron James, etc.) with their social consciousness have kept quiet about China and its relationship with Taiwan, Hong Kong and the missing tennis athlete. Or is it all the money that the NBA receives from China?

It is amazing the most populous cities with high crime rates are making laws where it is harder for the police to do their job.

It is amazing that President Biden is asking the FTC to investigate the increasing cost of gas.  When he became president, the U.S. was oil independent and was exporting oil. A year later, the U.S. is oil dependent on other countries and the president has pleaded with OPEC to increase its production to lower the price of a barrel of oil. Maybe the first person the FTC should interview is President Biden.

It is amazing that President Biden has been saying the “Better, Build, Broke Act” will add jobs and good wages. But now, the president is adding that it will curb inflation. With President Biden’s track record of stating that a Democrat governor candidate will win Virginia, the pandemic will be under control, inflation is short term and the Afghanistan debacle, to name a few, I would not want the president to pick my lottery numbers.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Death of our democracy

With our democracy hanging by a thread, I am wondering where the stories are about ordinary Americans who are anxious and alarmed at the perilous state our country is in with the more than 440 voter suppression bills introduced in 49 states legislatures, including Pennsylvania, in 2021. These are measures being introduced by GOP-controlled legislatures. These Republicans have no policies or ideas to run on because they are now the party of the Big Lie.

There are two Senate bills, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement, that would go a long way in bolstering voting rights that were gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013. So far the press coverage has been more about the process and the two obstructionist Senate Democrats, Manchin and Sinema, than the dire consequences our country faces if these vital pieces of legislation fail to pass. It should also be pointedly noted that 100% of Republicans in the House and Senate are opposed to protecting everyone’s sacred right to vote.

The stakes are too high for this not to be a continuing press priority. There are a lot of ordinary Americans scared. Very scared. It is the duty of the Fourth Estate to sound the alarm so every citizen knows we are at a crossroad for our democracy.

Christine Moretti


Take down Billy Penn

I see the statue of Harriet Tubman that our mayor says is good for the city of  Philadelphia and sits on the City Hall grounds.

I agree that it should.

I do not agree that this woman who fought against slavery has to be under the statue of a slave owner who had at least 12 slaves working as slaves in his house, the Pennsburry Penn Estates, owned by Billy Penn.

We honor a person who fought against slavery, Ms. Tubman, and then our supposed-to-be-fair Mayor Kenney has a slave owner representing our city on top of City Hall looking down on this lady Harriet Tubman.

I do not know if he even has any idea about Billy Penn. If he does, then he is turning a blind eye to fairness.

Robert McCann


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