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Take Back Your Neighborhood meeting Monday

Take Back Your Neighborhood will meet on Monday, April 18, at 7 p.m., at Max Myers Playground, 1601 Hellerman St.

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The group will give members an update on a property on the 7200 block of Algon Ave. The property is zoned for single-family living, but has been in operation as a duplex for years.

“I thought I had a duplex,” said owner Sandra Rodriguez, who bought the property in 2015.

Rodriguez, who lives in Manhattan, has a hearing in front of the Zoning Board of Adjustment on May 18.

TBYN held a site visit last week, and members did not like some of what they saw. There was a lot of trash in the rear driveway, and the lights were not working in the ground-floor apartment, basement and garage.

There are tenants in the first and second floors, and a man rents the garage for storage.

Kyasha Tyson, an aide to City Councilwoman Cherelle Parker, attended the site visit. All agreed that the house was illegally converted to a duplex long before Rodriguez bought it.

Meanwhile, the guest speaker at Monday’s meeting will be Sam Oropeza, the Republican candidate in the 5th Senatorial District special election. ••

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