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Free speech is not spreading Russian disinformation

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Last week, a regular reader of the Northeast Times wrote that myself and two of our neighbors who love this wonderful publication are spreading Russian disinformation. Really?

Someone down in Florida might even say that charge should be called “fake news!”

I would only say to that writer that all forms of free speech are good.

First, I have a few questions for Mr. Podgorski.

Who are you to decide, sir, what’s in my mind or my heart? Who are you to decide what speech is real or fake, or even Russian disinformation? Who are you to insinuate that three taxpaying neighbors of the Northeast are doing the dirty work of Mr. Putin, just because we love our country yet we disagree with the direction that our current administration is taking America into?

It is not the media’s role, big tech’s role or the government’s role to decide what is good, approved, free speech, and what is dangerous Russian disinformation. Neither is it your role, Mr. Podgorski, to decide on what free speech is good and what free speech should or should not be allowed to be consumed by regular folks like me and you.

Let me say this slowly so everyone can understand. I am against the Russian

invasion of Ukraine. I support the people of Ukraine. I do not work for any politician, nor do I work for Mr. Putin. The atrocities shown to the world on a daily basis in Ukraine are stunning and horrifying. I support a free and peaceful Ukraine. I oppose Mr. Putin and the Russian army very strongly.

That being said, I have the right to criticize anyone at anytime and that does not mean that I am some useful idiot spreading dissent and disinformation for the Russian government. I love free speech and I love America! Do you also, sir?

If you love free speech, then you need to defend all forms of free speech, even when you hate the words and the opinions of the writer. Even when someone says something against your good family name. We all need to respect the majesty of all forms of free speech.

I do not agree with what Mr. Podgorski wrote about me last week. In fact, I hated it.

However, I will always stand up for his right and for the rights of all people to say anything at anytime. I also promise that I will try to do so without telling anyone that they are spreading Russian disinformation.

Sometimes people do not like to read or hear a particular opinion. That’s OK because all forms of free speech are what make America the great and special nation that it has become.

Always be free to loudly disagree, but don’t do the work of the woke media by name calling and spreading disinformation. We as regular readers of this paper are all better than that. Support all forms of free speech. Even the free speech you hate.

John Farley


Clarke, Council are wusses

It’s typical of the Democratic Party throughout the pandemic. They have had the mantra of “do as I say not as I do.” House of Representatives members have been voting from home if they wish. Why shouldn’t City Council. They are representative wannabes. City Hall has had the “let them eat cake” attitude for years. They don’t want to have to interact with voters of this city. It’s also easier to pass egregious laws when no one is watching. No one even knows if they are working or not. If they can go out to dinner they should meet in public. I guess we should expect the holier-than-thou attitude from Council considering the mayor of the city wrote the book on “Political leadership by being ignorant to the voters.” There are three things City Council should do to improve their image:

1. No cars or drivers. Take public transportation (like they are forcing the public to do)

2. No bodyguards (walk the streets in fear like the rest of us)

3. Return to debating in person (checkout clerks worked through the pandemic without a complaint. Stop being wusses, especially you, Clarke).

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Smoke and mirrors

What has happened to the Biden administrations in the last 77 days? Well, first Biden is saying the gas increase is because of Putin’s war. But the price increases happened just after President Biden took office and he is deferring the blame not on his policies, but on Putin. Smoke and mirrors.

President Biden last month declared his plans to release 1 million barrels of oil per day from the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve over the next six months to reduce energy and gas prices. Well, who paid for those barrels of oil? The taxpayers already paid for the barrels of oil that are being released. We paid for it then so where is the savings? Smoke and mirrors.

President Biden stated that he is opening drilling on federal lands but is increasing the royalties that the companies must pay to drill from 12.5% to 18.75%. OK, so are the oil companies going to pass that increase to the consumers? Yes, so where is the savings? Smoke and mirrors. The Biden administration and Democrats are throwing all their marbles in the mid-terms on the premise that the Democrats are saving our democracy. Biden and the Democrats are not mentioning inflation, Afghanistan, gas prices, southern border, to name a few. Smoke and mirrors.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Will Smith’s sucker-slap

Yo Adrian! WWRD: What would Rocky do? Rocky Balboa was a pug, but not a thug. From South Philly. Will Smith’s from West Philly. But he didn’t even call Chris Rock out? Got the attytood — but unclassy!

E.T. Friel


Power play

The White House and the DOJ are going to appeal a ruling by a federal judge that ruled the CDC exceeded its authority and power by requiring masks on public transportation. My understanding is this ruling is correct since the CDC does not have legislative authority. My opinion is both the White House and the DOJ’s real motivation is maintaining control and power. They used fear to acquire it and do not want to relinquish it. The CDC is the same entity that encouraged mandates for an experimental vaccine, until finally approved by the FDA, that does not make you immune.

This is the same White House and DOJ that opened up our borders to millions of illegal immigrants that we know absolutely nothing about. My understanding is some were transported to other parts of the country at taxpayers expense. I am not sure if there is a Hall of Fame for hypocrisy but if there is, I know whose picture would be on the front door. The use of threats and mandates forced American citizens, government workers and the military to be vaccinated while our borders were wide open. I cannot imagine what the rest of the world thinks of us. Actually, what has been happening here is so absurd it is embarrassing.

Again, this is about power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

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