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Indoctrinated with silly ideas

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Mr. Anderson’s recent piece, “Illegals are new Democrats,” is filled with some pretty preposterous notions, which I will now correct. The issue of immigration is well-documented as one of the most intractable issues for Congress over the last 25 years. So this is not a one-sided issue, but as moderate Americans have come to expect, Republicans have no ideas on how to fix the issue so they blame the other side. Just as the Berlin Wall did not prevent people desperate for a better life from finding ways to breach it, so people are breaching the wall on our southern border, thus demonstrating the ridiculous notion that a wall was ever a rational solution. Notably, Mexico did not pay a dollar for the wall, but rather, funds were taken from our military to pay for the sections of the wall that were built.

Undocumented immigrants cannot register to vote because of strict voter ID measures passed in states like Texas, therefore undocumented immigrants cannot vote for or be Democrats. And without comprehensive immigration reform, they cannot become Democrats in the near future. Democrats are not losing their base. They represent 40 million more Americans than Republicans do in Congress. Their base voted in historic numbers to elect Joe Biden as president, and mercifully for the sake of the nation, vanquished a buffoon whom historians have labeled our 4th-worst president. Although Republicans are a minority and represent miniscule populations in western and midwestern states, Republicans wield an out-sized advantage because each of these states is granted two U.S. senators. Despite the fact that the last two Republican presidents lost the popular vote in the elections that they won, they were able to seat 4 of the 5 conservative justices now set to overturn Roe vs. Wade, a ruling that 64% of Americans agree should stand.

Undocumented immigrants are not costing Mr. Anderson money. Republicans are. Red states on an average generate a net loss in federal tax revenue that blue states must make up for, which results in a giant transfer of money from blue states to red states to subsidize their federal programs. So as a Republican in Philadelphia, Mr. Anderson will be content to know that he is sending his tax dollars to his comrades in the south. In light of all this, it would seem that it is not Ms. Megan Chan who needs further schooling, but rather Mr. Anderson who needs to ask how he has become so indoctrinated with such silly ideas. Fox News, perhaps?

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

Support law enforcement

With all the negativity and malice toward those who bravely serve and protect our families, it is important to support those who wear the badge as local police department and sheriff’s department peace officers. Every day, thousands of law enforcement officers across the country leave their families at home while they faithfully protect the communities they serve. They say goodbye not knowing if, when or in what condition they will arrive home. Yet every day, these heroes continue to uphold and defend the oath they took to protect the community.

The American Family Association has designated Sunday, June 12, 2022, as a Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement. I am participating and invite our community to join me and millions of Americans in showing these law enforcement officers our respect and appreciation, as well as offering prayers for their safety.

There are many ways you can show your support to those who serve. For example, invite the police chief, local sheriff and their law enforcement officers to your church so that the entire congregation can pray for and thank them in person. Prepare a few personal hand-written notes of encouragement for an officer. When you see them in public, simply hand them the note and let them know you are thankful for their service to the community. More good ideas and resources for planning your event can be found at www.afa.net.

Susan Morris


Texas tragedy

Close your eyes for one moment and see the faces of 19 precious, beautiful children shot dead in cold blood, along with two teachers who loved them, having to be identified by DNA because it was so horrid. In America.

We have not solved this issue since Columbine – 23 years ago. The NRA telling us that, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” One of the most asinine statements ever spoken. Contrast that with Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy (no relation) offering to get on his hands and knees pleading for help and our government officials to help.

Raise legal purchases of guns to 21 plus thorough background check, fingerprints — you don’t get to take the gun home until all these check out.

Let’s at least try.

Virginia Murphy


Speed cameras effective

Speed cameras do a valuable job promoting safety on a difficult highway.

The letter printed May 25 by Tom McCarey falsely stated that speed cameras along Roosevelt Blvd. can’t stop accidents.

Most of us didn’t think we were speeding. We drove a little fast because it’s a big road. After getting tickets from the speed cameras we slowed down. A great reminder. After speed cameras, average speed slowed, and that reduced the rate of accidents.

The group Mr. McCarey represents is The National Motorists Association. Huh? Is that another propaganda group funded by some industry to promote its interests at the expense of the rest of us? He keeps talking about profiteering. How much was he paid to write this letter?

Notice his tricky language. That’s the work of a propaganda group.

1.) He says “Cameras can’t stop accidents.” Well, yeah, they’re just cameras. It’s the effect that reduces the rate of accidents.

2.) To discredit legitimate policy, he piles on to generate fear: State highways blanketed with cameras. It’s Roosevelt Boulevard that has been unusually dangerous. Speed cameras may be an efficient option given the conditions there.

3.) Demonize by trying to find fault: The city “refuses” a list of actions besides speed cameras. Demonize for secret profiteering.

Harry Thorn


A restart on public schools

The one good thing that has come out of the pandemic is that it has shown the public schools for what they are. They are enormous money pits with no upsides. They aren’t run by the administration, they are run by the unions. We have been feeding this hog for too many years with declining results. It’s bad when the mayor and superintendent get excited when the graduation rate goes from 66% to 67%. Then you have to look at the 67% and wonder how many were pushed through with inadequate education. With a new superintendent, it’s time to evaluate the system from top to bottom and do a restart. The first place to start is the recent stimulus money. Let’s find out where it went and how much has been wasted to justify high-paying jobs.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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