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2 sides to the story

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I know this topic, the hearings on the Jan. 6 riots, has been in the news and talked about at work and at the dinner table across America many times.

But if America should be told the whole picture, on that day in question, this one-sided committee must place Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi under oath to tell the American people what she did or did not do days leading up to the day in question, and on the day itself.

Facelift Nancy knew days before that she could call up the National Guard and to have more Capitol police on standby, but she did nothing, and she knew the possible death and destruction of this to occur, and it did. Any good news reporter and journalist given his or her weight of salt knows there are two sides to any story. So, do your job and report in the middle by taking no sides, but report both. The American people would love to hear from the speaker (Facelift Nancy) under oath.

Richard Krzaczek

Lexington Park

Buy American

As America’s consumers monitor where the products they purchase are made, they support our goal of maintaining and restoring industries and jobs in the United States. Recent supply chain problems involving foreign-made products being received in the United States have reminded Americans that too many foreign-made products fill our stores. Our supporters say, given a choice between foreign and domestic products, the better choice is American made.

In speaking with supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, they agree that they want to see more American-made products sold in America’s stores. They are also very concerned that so many well-known brand-name products formerly made in America are being produced outside of the United States and that this has been adding to the difficulties we are experiencing in America.

The individuals who contact the Buy American Made Campaign feel that manufacturing more of the items used by America’s consumers will help to maintain and increase jobs for the American people. Additionally, our supporters state that they are willing to pay more for products made in the United States because they understand how important jobs are for our fellow Americans and for the future of America.

Thanks for spreading the word to others and for supporting the Buy American Made Campaign because America’s consumers are the key to our success.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Hats off to Justice Dougherty

On behalf of Northeast Philadelphia families, I want to thank Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty on his concurring and courageous opinion he issued wherein he lambasted Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner on a number of outrageous and quite possibly illegal maneuvers that Krasner has employed as D.A.

Larry Krasner unfairly reinterpreted state law in order to target and prosecute another Philadelphia police officer.

Justice Dougherty’s particular opinion could weigh heavily in the Pennsylvania state House, where lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are considering sending the matter of impeachment of our lawless district attorney to the state Senate — which I support wholeheartedly, not just because of Krasner’s rogue behavior in this case but for his complete and total dereliction of duty and mistreatment of a growing number of victims of crime and their families in our beloved city. His foolish policy decisions have allowed criminals to walk free and terrorize regular people in our city, which has resulted in out-of-control homicides and gun violence that are endangering people and making us a national embarrassment.

Once again, hats off to Justice Dougherty, a Northeast Philadelphia resident, from his neighbors and from my campaign. Thank you, Justice Dougherty.

Al Taubenberger

Candidate, 172nd Legislative District

Solutions to gun violence

Gun laws won’t end mass shootings. Criminals, by definition, do not care about what is legal. Apparently, neither does our district attorney.

Philadelphia’s prosecution rate for illegal gun possession is actually going down. So what good are more gun laws?

Stop demonizing gun makers and the NRA. Untraceable ghost guns can be bought in pieces online; you can even 3-D print guns and modifications, such as enlarged magazines.

The nation is awash in guns. In the last three years alone, it is estimated that 40 million new and legal gun purchases have been made. Maybe it would be useful to ask — why?

Maybe allowing a summer of riots, demonizing and “defunding” police” and tying the hands of our officers so that everyone feels unsafe encourages more people to buy guns — can you blame them?

Most gun owners know citizens with guns prevent more crime than gun criminals commit. It’s about 3 to 1, says John Lott, a professor and gun author.

In fact, “gun-free” zones are a magnet for cowardly killers.

We are all troubled by school shootings and, now, even hospital shootings. The truth is, the nightmares occur because these are “soft” targets. Criminals obviously know this. They don’t shoot up police stations.

I suggest that every “soft target” authorize and train a half-dozen staff to carry a concealed gun. Let the potential mass killer know he may suddenly be shot dead by a defender who appears out of nowhere – a teacher, mechanic or clerk. Sorry, but this is the only realistic immediate solution.

If we really want a long-term solution to gun violence — and a reduction in guns — then we need to get back to basic moral teachings, promote fatherhood and the traditional family and the constant perversions of our culture that leave so many young men rootless and angry.

Richard Iaconelli


A good job can prevent violence

Philadelphia has become known to be a city of violence. The cause could be poverty. Philadelphia is the highest among 10 cities in the United States for its poverty rate. Another, where is the job that provides full-time work and a decent hourly rate? Many jobs are just part time. Certainly not enough to support a person, let alone a family. Guns are not the problem causing violence, but the individual behind the gun does have issues. Possibly, if they were given a job that enables them to support themselves, it would help give a sense of a better future.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase


There have been criticisms of Joe Biden for going to Saudi Arabia and fist bumping Mohammed bin Salman. Why? Keeping Saudi Arabia on our side and keeping China, Iran and Russia from gaining a greater foothold in the oil-rich Middle East. It was like a chess strategy. It is said that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Politics make strange bedfellows. There are no permanent alliances, just permanent interests. Japan and Germany were our enemies in WWII and now are our allies. Italy switched sides during World War II. Russia was our ally then, now is our enemy. In 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact. The countries agreed that they would not attack each other and secretly divided the countries that lay between them. Why? Playing for time. Russia (the Soviet Union) was not able to stop a Nazi invasion and Germany was unwilling to fight on two fronts (England and France in the West and Russia in the East) at the same time. Both gained time for the war everyone knew was coming. The pact was terminated in 1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

Mel Flitter


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