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Why did they do it?

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So as a follow-up to the Trump raid in Florida, I have some random thoughts.

First, we can all pretend that we know exactly what papers Donald Trump brought down to Florida and why? We do not know.

Secondly, we can only surmise why the National Archives have had several discussions with Donald Trump, on papers and documents, that they claim do not belong to the former president, and why Trump should return these documents. What is truly classified? What is not? We do not know.

Thirdly, none of us are privy to these discussions,and we can only speculate on why the FBI conducted this unprecedented search-and-seizure operation. To claim any kind of knowledge or expertise on what papers truly belong to Trump and what belongs to the US government is both disingenuous and just plain silly. We do not know.

We are not inside the negotiations between the US government and Donald Trump. We all need time to take a deep breath and properly digest why this raid was really conducted. Right now, we do not know.

So why did the FBI and the attorney general sign off on this raid?

My own humble opinion, my friends, is that the people inside of backrooms of power in Washington do not want Donald J. Trump anywhere near a ballot in 2024. They do not want the voters to ever have another chance of possibly putting Donald Trump back inside of the White House ever again. They just can’t trust the average voter.

However, I keep asking myself what happens if Trump is disqualified from running for a third time for president? What is the endgame here?

Does the establishment class in the nation’s capital truly know what will follow? Does the ruling class really want 74 million angry voters to go to the polls and elect Ron DeSantis in 2024? Do they not realize that the Republican Party of Bush/Cheney is dead. That time has passed. It is no longer 2002. That Republican Party is never coming back.

Maybe the “grown-ups” in D.C. think that things will go back to the status quo if Trump never becomes president again. Is that a chance that they really want to take? I think they might not like that answer.

John Farley


Not above the law

Trump supporters and Fox News are saying the Mar-a-Lago “raid is unprecedented.” Well we never had a wayward guy in office since Richard Nixon (R) resigned in 1974. That’s why you don’t put someone in government who goes against, breaks or has no respect for the law. Many voted for Trump because “he’s an outsider,” businessman, brash, his own person and arrogant. That came with a big price in a lot of negative ways. His supporters did not care because he was going against the grain (what’s normal). And thought he can be a spokesperson for their inner demons. Well we see where that took the country. Thousands of American lives lost to his inexperience and incompetence of not knowing how to handle a major crisis (COVID). His daily lies and greed for power. Scandals, no respect for the Constitution, our democracy or the highest office. Just his own ego and selfishness. Even have Secret Servicemen deleting important information during the Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riot. Well now he must face the law that he swore to uphold and said others need to but not him. Get over yourself. You are not above it, either. Lock him and his many crooked associates up. Bye, Don.

Carl Williams


Ode to Deathtown

Plenty of blood to go round

Hoodlums given free rein of the town

In desperation, we watch the mountain of dead increase

Like simple-minded fools, we stupidly pray for peace

Around the clock the bullets ring out

Deliver us from evil is my daily shout

Every morning the death struggle begins anew

Lives not torn apart by this tidal wave grow fewer and few

Pathetic is the response of our so-called ‘heroes’

Hollow Jim, Ditzy Dani, Larry Loon nothing but big fat zeros

Imbecility, moronic insanity abound

As yet another five hundred lives are so mercilessly cut down

Bill McDevitt Jr.


Elect Domb as mayor

City Councilman Allan Domb resigned from City Council, hopefully with the aspirations of seeking to be our next mayor.

Over the past 30 years, I have seen where he has been honest and sincerely wants to improve our lives and our children’s lives.

He has been a successful businessman and councilman.

As a Republican, as I looked around this city for mayoral prospects, he is the best candidate without exception and we would be fortunate to have him as mayor.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

New oxymorons 

We just added another oxymoron to our vocabulary. To go along with working holiday and silent scream, we can add Inflation Reduction Act. Even the White House agrees that inflation will not be reduced with this Act.

President Biden has always said that incomes under $400,000 will not be taxed. OK, let’s review some of the tax increases with this Inflation Reduction Act. There is an additional tax on every ton of coal that is mined. Who is going to pay for that increase? Us. There is an additional tax on every barrel of oil that is imported. Who is going to pay for that increase? Us. There are increases in taxes to power companies. Who is going to pay for that? Us.

Talking about not taxing incomes under $400,000. The Republicans wanted to amend the Inflation Reduction Act so that incomes under $400,000.00 would not be audited by the IRS with the influx of 81,000 new IRS auditors provided by this Act. That was defeated with no Democrats voting for this amendment and VP Harris casting the deciding vote.

The Act also states that Medicare is going to negotiate with drug companies to reduce our medicine costs. But that is not until 2026. So, we will have to wait until 2026 for inflation to slow?

Also, I forgot to mention another oxymoron. In this Inflation Reduction Act. there is $64,000,000,000.00 (that is $64 billion) to support the Affordable Care Act for the next three years. We can add Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to that oxymoron list.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

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