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Letters to the Editor

Pray for hurricane victims

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Lots of prayers for the poor people who lost everything due to Hurricane Ian down in Florida. Treasure every day and love our families and hold them close. Life is short and be thankful for all we have in life.

Patti Wirsz


Not for Krasner

Ensuring an open and accountable government is key to any safe and healthy democracy, and those values are even more important in our city where American democracy was first declared, especially in 2022 when violent crime is on the rise. This is why in Harrisburg, I was one of only four Democrats to support investigating Philadelphia’s district attorney, Larry Krasner, for impeachable offenses. It’s also why I cast my vote to hold the district attorney in contempt for violating a lawful subpoena after willfully ignoring the Pennsylvania House’s repeated requests for information.

It is a well-known fact that DA Krasner never was, and never will be, my choice for district attorney of Philadelphia. In 2017, I campaigned for and endorsed a primary election opponent of DA Krasner, former Assistant DA Jack O’Neill. In 2021, I supported the primary opponent of DA Krasner, former prosecutor Carlos Vega. Both O’Neill in 2017 and Vega in 2021 prevailed in the boundaries of my state House district.

As a state representative, I will not back down in defending public safety in the Northeast Philadelphia communities I have been elected to represent.

State Rep. Kevin Boyle

Enact the Fair Tax

The Fair Tax eliminates the IRS 100%. States already collect sales tax and they would simply add this one on.

With the Fair Tax, one is taxed 23% on only new things. If you buy a used car or a house up for resale, not newly built, there is no tax to be paid, except local taxes.

It seems like a high rate, but consider this: All corporate taxes are gone; no capital gains taxes; no death taxes; all Social Security taxes are gone – even what the employer must pay.

Yes, states can still tax whatever and however they want but that has nothing to do with this tax.

There will be no income tax. If you earn $100,000, you take home $100,000. If you have a retirement plan, that will be deducted, but no SS will be deducted anymore or wage taxes.

As for cheating, there is cheating in our income taxes, too.

Also, every month every citizen’s family gets a rebate to cover basic needs like food and clothing and medicine. The beauty of this is illegals get no money for this.

So there you have it. Sounds good to me. We only pay taxes on what we buy. If a rich person buys a new yacht, he will pay a ton of taxes. If you can afford only a small car, your taxes will be much smaller. That is why it is called the fair tax – the rich pay more.

Janet Cantor


Trump’s guys

Oz is using Trump’s trickster playbook. Arrogant, rich, celebrity status and TV fame. Clueless about the Pa. (Senate) job at hand and looks down on the working class and homeless. He has no government experience, either. Usually, they couldn’t care less about the average person. Just political lip service to hustle in votes. As a “Dr.,” he should know better than to critique someone’s physical condition. And Doug Mastriano is as dangerous as they can get with his radical views. Then again, they were endorsed by the Con Don who has no respect for anyone. Shame.

Carl Williams


Put America back on track

President Joe Biden’s comment, “She was 12. I was 30,” sure as heck sounds like a tried-and-true pedophile to me.

Forget the heart-, soul- and wallet-crushing misery at the grocery store and gas station. Forget the thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon millions of robbers, drug dealers, human traffickers, carjackers, identity thieves, rapists and would-be cop killers who are so casually strolling across our border every second of every minute of every hour of every day and are secretly and mysteriously turning up as your new next-door neighbor or that new couple down the street from your precious loved ones. Stick your head further in the sand and forget how America’s finest top-grade military equipment was so nonchalantly handed over to the Taliban, that group responsible for thousands of American deaths a mere 21 years ago. And also forget, if you can, the moral outrage, the sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that you felt over the deaths of 13 American service personnel in Afghanistan last year.

If that is not enough for you, then forget all the Big Guy’s mental gaffes and goofs as well as his inability to master the simple act of riding a bike (I can’t do that, either). Please, also remember to forget the countless billions of dollars that have been lost in the stock market over the past month alone. Again, it all comes down to Mr. B. Thanks a lot for destroying the 401(k), Joe.

You can forget all of that but there is no way any sane, rational, common sense-oriented person can ever forget she was 12 and I was 30.

Vote Republican.

Restore American hopes, dreams, lives and prosperity.

Bill McDevitt Jr.


Lies, lies, lies

At the White House in front of a crowd, Nancy Pelosi stood and celebrated Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act by saying that Biden has achieved extraordinary leadership (smirk, smirk) for unifying and inspiring a stronger, fairer and safer future for our children.

To that response, there was a dead silence in the audience and Pelosi had to beg for an applause.

Talk about being clueless to the lawlessness by our so-called extraordinary leadership that we are facing in America, especially here in our own city and state.

How is anything safer for our children when just in Philadelphia alone we had 22 shootings and 4 dead over a two-day weekend?

And it happens every day and every weekend like clockwork, so what’s changed for a safer environment?

John Fetterman was asked, what do all the tattoos on his right forearm mean? He said they were the dates of the nine murders that occurred while he was mayor of Braddock. How ironic?

How is that helping the community by tattooing your arm? Fetterman is so gung ho for freeing the criminals, the tattoos on the other arm might as well be the names of the nine criminals he releases.

So if people are still ignorant to what is going on here in Pennsylvania and around the country, I’ll gladly move to Florida like one reader suggested, while the naive can stay here and clap fictitiously to the misleading and false rhetoric of Pelosi’s, Fetterman’s, Krasner’s and Kenney’s bull on our safety.

And that ain’t no lie.

Al Ulus


Bad law passed by Council

Does the Driving Equality law passed by the City come into play in the Roxborough shootings and murder? The getaway car was stolen earlier in the year and still had a paper temporary tax. The law doesn’t allow the police to stop a car with an expired paper tag. Maybe if the law weren’t in effect, this vehicle may have been stopped at an earlier date leading to possible arrests of the shooters and they might have never been able to complete the Roxborough shootings. We will never know about that but we do know that City Council took a tool out of the hands of the Police Department that could have stopped this incident. So when City Council says we have to do something about these shootings, they should look in the mirror.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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