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Bashir strong on inflation, crime

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Congressman Brendan Boyle is refusing to debate with Aaron Bashir (R), nominee for Congress, to discuss the important issues that the voters of the 2nd Congressional District really care about.

Aaron Bashir has publicly expressed his views to fight against inflation and crimes. However, Brendan Boyle completely ignores and doesn’t care to have a conversation about growing inflation and the high cost of food and groceries.

If elected to Congress, Aaron Bashir will focus on:

Fighting inflation and lowering costs of food and gas
Standing for parental rights to educate their children with the schools of their own choice
Focusing on individual liberties and advocating for seniors and working families

“Inflation is a tax on all of us. It’s never been harder to make ends meet here in Philadelphia with skyrocketing crimes, high gas prices, overwhelming housing costs and rising prices for everyday items like food and groceries. The inflation is unleashed by trillions of dollars in overspending by out-of-touch politicians such as Brendan Boyle who has put our seniors, working families and small business on the brink. I will fight to stop reckless spending and will work hard to lower our taxes,” Bashir said.

“The bottom line is that for too long, career politicians have put themselves before families and the hard-working people of our district. The results have been devastating in the forms of high taxes, rising inflation and high gas prices. If I am elected to serve in Congress, I will work tirelessly for all the people of our district, so they can provide for their families and pursue their American dreams.”

Therefore, I am supporting Aaron Bashir. Also, I am requesting all the neighbors and residents to give a chance to Aaron Bashir to serve us better to make Philadelphia safer and America stronger.

Dan Ohlson

Woe is Lee

So I’m guessing your life has been calmer the past four months than Lee Zeldin.

Who is Lee Zeldin? He is a four-term congressman from the 1st district of New York. Mr. Zeldin is now the Republican nominee for governor of New York, and he is challenging the Democratic nominee, incumbent Gov. Hochul, to be the next governor of New York.

Back in July, Zeldin was attacked at a campaign event in Perinton, New York.

His attacker cut Zeldin with a pointed plastic key chain. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested the man and the very next day released the attacker without bail. This idiotic policy is supported by Gov. Hochul and the many woke, progressive, Democratic candidates running for offices throughout the United States, including our own lieutenant governor, John Fetterman.

Then, a shooting occurred on the property of Mr. Zeldin.

Two teenagers were shot as they were hiding under Zeldin’s house in Long Island, New York. The shooter got away and has not yet been found. These two incidents happened in low-crime, safe areas. Not big cities. Yikes.

Why do these random acts matter? Well, crime is out of control everywhere.

For example, violent crime spiked 4.2% nationwide during the first six months of 2022. Robberies jumped 12%, aggravated assaults are up 3%, and while the murder rate dropped 2% so far this year, U.S. crime is still much higher than before the pandemic in 2019. Also, the United States is now the 128th-safest country in the world. Feeling safe and secure right now?

If a candidate for the highest office in New York can not feel safe, what possible chance does the average Philadelphia voter have with Kenney, Krasner and Fetterman, the “Three Stooges of Law Enforcement.”

When you vote this year, make sure that safe streets and respecting and backing the men and women in blue be top of mind. Support law and order candidates in November. Finally, say a little prayer for Lee Zeldin. Hopefully, he makes it to Election Day in one piece.

John Farley


What’s the plan?

Republican candidates are quite fond of talking about the price of milk, the price of gas, the price of everything, and of course the price of everything is up. But what are they going to do about it? What tools do they have that are going to be so dramatically different from Democrats? Well, that’s easy. Republicans are going to hold Social Security and Medicare hostage until they get the cuts to those programs that they want while claiming that things like the debt ceiling must be on the negotiation table … and right after they blew through the debt ceiling under the Trump administration. It’s the same old story. When Republicans increase the national debt by giving away tax breaks to big corporations and the national debt becomes bloated … well, we’re told it was necessary to improve the economy. But it never does work.

What are Republicans going to do about crime? What is their plan? They will continue to ensure that lax gun laws allow more people to lay their hands on AR-15s. They can blame their political opponents all they want, but blaming someone else isn’t a plan. The Republican plan, which is to ensure loose gun laws, isn’t going to keep Philadelphia safe or keep Pennsylvania safe. And that plan won’t keep police officers safe. And the police know that.

And what if you’re a woman? Well according to Dr. Oz, who isn’t even from Pennsylvania, any decision regarding your body should be made between you, your doctor, and … oh yeah, “local politicians.” I guess he’ll be there at your next OB/GYN appointment. Maybe with supplements.

Republican positions have become absurd. Republicans don’t have a plan. They have blame, shame and derision. And they’re ready to give it to anyone who opposes them. Is that who we want leading us when we face so many existential threats? Not a chance.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

Vote for Al T. and Bashir

I ask voters on Nov. 8 to vote for two very good friends of mine, Al Taubenberger for state representative, District 172, and Aaron Bashir for Congress, District 2. Al has been a good loyal friend for over 20 years. I had the honor of working for him as a constituent service representative while he was serving as city councilman at large. Al served as a great councilman and is an excellent leader who will be an exceptional state representative. Al has been working very hard reaching out to all the voters, knocking on doors every day, listening to people’s concerns, problems and issues facing our community. Aaron is also a great leader in the community who has been non-stop campaigning for the last three years. We desperately need an “Aaron” type person in Washington now who will bring back love, respect, integrity and hard work to our nation. The people of Northeast Philadelphia will be pleased to have their voices heard and concerns addressed with Al Taubenberger and Aaron Bashir in office representing us.

Gary Grisafi


Accept election results

American democracy is standing at a precipice, and we must all do our part in making sure that it doesn’t (metaphorically) go teetering over the edge. In the past few years, the American electoral system has been under siege with accusations of stolen elections that have not been proven in a single court of law in the entire country. Death threats to election administrators and their families have become commonplace, simply because those brave men and women are doing their jobs.

Unfortunately, it appears that we will continue to see the kind of repugnant behavior that actively encourages distrust in our elections continue from those seeking to undermine our institutions. National and Pennsylvania media outlets are reporting that bad-faith actors are looking to challenge the results of the election and sow chaos in Pennsylvania, particularly in Philadelphia, if the midterm elections results don’t see their candidates win. This is the kind of conduct, which is often seen in third-world countries, it’s contrary to the democratic values that the United States of America was founded upon, certainly not worthy of the country Ronald Reagan referred to as the “shining city upon a hill.” We need for candidates and election officials to follow due process, exhibit patience and ensure that the elections and their results are carried out faithfully that every legal vote is counted, including those cast by our active military personnel – regardless of how long it takes.

If a candidate or campaign does have claims of election irregularities, which are based on actual evidence, they ought to be submitted in good faith for judgment by the judicial system in accordance with the law, and all participants must accept the results of the adjudication.

We cannot fall into the trap of relitigating election results because of those who cannot accept electoral defeat and continue to chip away at American democracy with false claims. We need our lawmakers, particularly those in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C., to focus their work on legislation that will help Pennsylvania families and businesses cope with an upcoming Christmas season that sees gas prices once again on the rise and inflation running rampant.

Aizaz Gill


Philadelphia needs a new voice in Congress

I’m proud to support my friend and neighbor Aaron Bashir, who is running for Congress to represent the citizens of the 2nd district. Aaron is a strong advocate for law enforcement and will support legislation to increase police funding to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods. He is committed to restoring law and order in our city. He will vigorously oppose the tax-and-spend policies of the current administration that have resulted in record-high levels of inflation and rising prices. Aaron will lobby for additional school funding to ensure that all children receive a quality education in a safe environment. As a supporter of small business owners in our community, Aaron will strive to reduce their taxes, create incentives and eliminate bureaucratic red tape.

A strong and visible leader in the community, Aaron is approachable and responds quickly and effectively to the concerns of the people in his district. He is committed to creating a safer, stronger and more prosperous city and nation for all. Aaron Bashir represents the change we need to see in Congress. Vote for him on Nov. 8.

Jessica Delia

Castor Gardens

Respect others’ opinions

The attack on Speaker Peloisi’s husband illustrates the potential harm caused by hate speech. I wish to offer a suggestion to those who submit letters to the NE Times.  First premise is that all people want the best world. Of course it depends on all of us to respect each other and their opinions, even when we disagree. My suggestion: If you want to offer a good word, do so. If you want to shriek like a banshee, resist the urge and keep your thoughts, or political rants, to yourself.

Joseph Morris


Teflon John

Fetterman’s doctor says he has no work restrictions and can work full duty in public office. What’s full duty? Releasing convicted felons and going about the state preaching about the benefits of pot? Tough job. As far as his campaign goes, he is campaigning like Joe Biden. He is staying out of the public eye as much as possible. He’s avoiding direct questions in the open environment because he needs a teleprompter. Is he going to become another Joe Biden if he’s elected? Do we find out what his condition really is the day after the election? The major news outlets in this city won’t say a bad word about him because he’s a Democrat. At least the little bit of campaigning he’s doing isn’t from his basement.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

What’s up, docs?

Pennsylvania doctors are opposed to Dr Oz and have launched a campaign called the Real Doctors Against Oz. They state that Oz is a threat to public health because he is pro-life.

The group is made up of female doctors spearheaded by abortion providers, and furthermore, they are drumming up support for the pro-criminals John Fetterman.

The top priority is to provide safety to the children who are already here and are getting terrorized and killed by the lawlessness of bullies, thugs and criminals.

If these “real” doctors have any concerns being called “doctors,” then they should worry about the bullet-ridden corpses that are laying in the streets or being carted off to emergency rooms and, worse, to the morgue.

And as females, they should also be concerned as worried moms to protect the pro-life of our children who shouldn’t be senselessly gunned down and blown away on a high school football field, walking a dog or sitting on the porch with a grandparent.

What we have here is death on our streets.

And as doctors that should be the main public health concern.

You want your clinics open, but what does that do for the welfare and safety for all who walk on the streets of Philadelphia?

We have a crime wave that Philly has never seen since the days of Rizzo, and Fetterman is your answer?

Even Josh Shapiro, as state attorney general, is no help to the present crisis. He can’t even impeach his buddy Krasner and he doesn’t want to.

How pathetic our state of affairs have become in this state and city.

Al Ulus


Rock-bottom campaigns

I keep trying to come up with a term that would describe what is below rock bottom. Every election I think we cannot go any lower and I am always proven wrong. This year has reached an all-time low. My guess is about 5% is true and factual. The sad part is the firms creating these ads were hired by the candidates and they then endorsed them. I guess character is no longer a consideration. The fact that I do not like anyone running, especially for the Senate, probably is a factor.

We then should be concerned about the incredible amount of money necessary to run these ads. How much do they own and to whom? Did any of the funds come from out of state or overseas like our esteemed DA? If so, why? We no longer always elect the best candidate but the one who raised the most money for ads.

When I become president, I intend to change the election process. Each candidate will be given three publicly funded 30-minute time slots on TV. The candidate must restrict their comments to what they will do, when, how and how it will be funded. These time slots will also be online for those who missed them or if you want to watch them again. The candidates will be given the option to go campaigning to meet with the public. We cannot expect things to improve unless we change the process.

The other change that is necessary if things are to improve is the media. We are supposed to be given unbiased news that no longer happens. They should not endorse anyone. Their job, and only job, is to honestly report the real news.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Cunning as a fox

They say the characteristic of a fox is cunning, manipulative and slick. So why would a so-called news network name themselves after such? The few who watch the TV propaganda channel often seem to have that same mannerism. Lie and deny. If you notice all the political ads that ran during the Eagles football games, you would see the deceiving negative attack ads coming from the “right.” They paid for a lot of commercial space to try to get an advantage in prime time before Nov. 8, voting day in PA. And all the lies created to slander John Fetterman. The Republicans talk about the economy and inflation but have not proposed an alternative policy except attack with vicious radio and TV ads. Gas prices are a global issue not just here in the U.S. How soon they forget that Trump rode in 2016 on then-President Obama and VP Biden’s great economy. It was not until the COVID-19 virus that things hit really hard because the Con Don did nothing but play Russian Roulette with our lives for his own selfish greed. Because of his incompetence, thousands of Americans died, people lost jobs and property, businesses closed and we are still digging out from that crisis. So Biden comes in to try to fix what Trump damaged. It’s not an easy fix but on the right track to get things back in order. Remember in 2008, the Obama/Biden administration saved the housing market and auto industry when a few Republicans said let it go under? And it did crash under then (R) George Bush Jr. They also talk about crime. But give lip service and won’t help pass stronger assault weapon laws and basic background checks. The objective is to accuse, attack and point fingers at President Biden and Democrats instead of working in a bipartisan manner to help any issue they complain about. I truly doubt if N.J. Oz and D. Mastriano really care. As long as they want the political upper hand, they will stoop to any low level to get that advantage regardless of people who want a positive change. And deception is what foxes are known for. Think over it.

Carl Williams


Puppets on school board

It didn’t take long for the new superintendent to find other outsiders to contract with.

The past superintendents were all non-residents from faraway lands who brought their “friends” with them and still couldn’t educate our children properly.

They get contracts with various perks and a great pension.

Most of their new hires hop from one school district to another in a short period of time without accomplishing much.

Philadelphians need to get rid of Kenney’s puppet school board.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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