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Gallagher opens office, a familiar spot

From left: Donny Smith, Reps. Jose Giral, Anthony Bellmon and Pat Gallagher, Councilman Mike Driscoll, Sen. Jim Dillon.
The Rev. Patrick Welsh, Rep. Pat Gallagher.
Rep. Pat Gallagher

State Rep. Pat Gallagher last Friday held a grand opening for his office at 8760 Frankford Ave.

Gallagher is familiar with the office, as he was chief of staff for former Rep. Mike Driscoll, now a city councilman. He said he is happy to have a veteran staff remaining on board.

Driscoll was at the grand opening, along with Reps. Jose Giral and Anthony Bellmon, Sen. Jim Dillon, Mayfair Business Improvement District executive director Donny Smith, Mayfair Civic Association president Mike Serverson and ward leaders.

The Rev. Patrick Welsh, pastor at St. Matthew, offered prayer and blessed the office.

Gallagher and his colleagues have not exactly had a busy January and will remain out of session until Feb. 27 as the House figures out issues such as who will serve as speaker and the makeup of committees.

Gallagher’s office number is 215-281-3414. His email address is RepGallagher@pahouse.net. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. And for more information, visit RepGallagher.com. ••

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