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Beware aggressive drivers

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Have you tried to cross a street lately in NE Philadelphia? Even walking in a crosswalk with the light, your life is at risk.

I love to walk for my health, but I came close to being hit in the crosswalk more than a dozen times last year by aggressive drivers. That’s not exactly healthful.

Philly drivers are distracted, angry or feel they won’t get caught. More than 100 pedestrians were killed in 2022, and most alarmingly, 31 were left to die in the street by hit-and-run drivers – many in the Northeast.

These people are somebody’s son or daughter, mother or father.

Many cars now have tinted windshields (how is that legal?) and you can’t see the driver. Others have super-powered stereos, or tuned mufflers that literally disorient older pedestrians with noise.

You see, when you live in a lawless city, where people are shot or carjacked every day, and most offenders are not caught or are promptly released – crime trickles down to every area of life.

We have so many cameras that generate speeding income. Maybe we need some that monitor pedestrian safety, too. That is, if we ever have the spine to prosecute the violators.

Richard Iaconelli


The right location

I can think of no more appropriate venue for displaying the Statue of the Scourged Christ in the United States (and maybe in the world) than the St. John Neumann Nursing Home on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Margaret M. Kizis

Pennypack East

Santos must go

I heard the good news that George Santos is finally resigning from his U.S. House committee assignments, while he is being investigated by the Department of Justice for fraudulent campaign fundraising practices.

I have seen lots of letters to the editor of the Northeast Times complaining about Democrats and liberals. But I have not seen letters criticizing the Republican Party for the refusal of the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, to demand the resignation of George Santos. (Kindly recall the fact that Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promptly removed N.Y. Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner for sharing inappropriate pictures on his cell phone.)

Today’s MAGA Republican Party, starting with its leader, Donald Trump, has had a new level of moral detachment with its obliviousness to George Santos.

George Santos has lied about his entire life, and is even being prosecuted in Brazil for fraud.

Just for starters:

George Santos has no family connection to the Holocaust.

George Santos never worked for Goldman Sachs.

George Santos miraculously went from an annual income of $55,000 and evictions staining his record as a tenant to being able to lend his campaign $700,000, in the space of one year.

Mr. Santos is most likely laundering large campaign contributions by undisclosed wealthy contributors who will expect him to do their bidding.

George Santos cannot remain in the House of Representatives, because he is a deceitful person and is a bad example for children who must be able to look up to their elected representatives.

Patricia A. Lowe


18-wheeler parking lots

§12-919 of the Philadelphia code states, “No person shall park a semitrailer or truck tractor on any single block of ANY residential street.” §12-921(1). “Any person violating any provision of this Chapter shall be liable for payment of fines, costs, and additional fees.” §12-900(1) “When signs are erected giving notice thereof, no operator shall park a vehicle in any of the following: (1) “Within 200 feet of any school property when such stopping, standing or parking would interfere with traffic or create a hazardous condition.” (3) “No person shall park a commercial vehicle on any street within one hundred feet of any property used partially or completely for recreational purposes between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.” §12-913(1)(a)(.10) “Where any part of the vehicle would block any part of a curb cut or handicap ramp.” (b) In front of public or private driveway. (.2) “Within fifteen 15 feet of a fire hydrant.” (.3) “Within twenty 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection.” (c)(.3) “Within a designated bicycle lane.” §12-1401(1)  “A notice of violation of any provision of this Title may be issued by any police officer by handing such notice securely in a prominent place on the vehicle.”

Why have our neighborhood streets become a literal parking lot for 18-wheelers (tractors and trailers), fleets of roofing vans, landscaping vans, box trucks and vehicle transport trailers that seem to double every night? And the bigger question is, why have the politicians who we voted for, and who promised to clean up this illegal and dangerous cancer, as of yet done absolutely nothing. Why do our officers, who swore to protect and serve, drive past these ugly giants parked next to our schools, playgrounds and our homes, and not see violation and a hazard? What will it take for people to scream out their complaints? A death of a child because his/her view and the view of the driver was blocked by a box truck? One of our grandparents having to walk on the street because there is a Peterbilt parked in someone’s driveway and blocking the entire sidewalk, and being struck by a work van? If I am aware of these violations/crimes, why do officers drive with blinders on. Everyone complains about the crime, and deterioration of the Greater Northeast, and rightfully so, but it seems that we are either not complaining, our voices aren’t loud enough, or those we put in office just don’t care. Wake up Northeasters, our residential neighborhoods, our streets, our homes, schools, shopping centers and our cul de sacs have become rest stops for 18-wheelers, trailers, trucks and entire fleets of company vans equipped with ladders and scaffolds. Our politicians and civil servants are allowing this residential neighborhood to become an industrial neighborhood. Why am I being forced to park my car four blocks from my home because the 29-car transport trailers and the 29 trucks to pull them deprived our residents of 140 parking spots intended for the residents. Complaints are useless, and most times the officers don’t respond, and actually get upset if I push the issue.

William Krainsky


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