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Dear voters, do you really want change? How about these for starters:

1) 2-term limit for every elected official. Local, state and federal. No exceptions.

2) Mandatory life terms for anyone (that’s anyone, minors included) who commits any crime with a gun.

How’s that for starters?

Mark S. Ritter


Educating high schoolers

Our campaign has always discussed ways to support jobs of every type in the United States of America and improve the economy of the nation where we live and want all Americans to thrive.

One issue often discussed on American Workers Radio is the need to focus more of our tax dollars on educating America’s high school students with a quality education that includes reading, math, history and also a major focus on at least one job skill upon graduation. A job skill upon graduation would allow every student to support themselves and thrive. Offering students a diverse education that provides trade and technology training in high schools needs to be addressed now as school boards are working to complete budgets for the upcoming school year and for future school years. Let them know, as a taxpayer, you feel every high school student needs to graduate with a resume that lists what job skills they learned while in high school.

As you speak with family and friends, invite them to also call local high schools to encourage more trade and technology classes. Quite frankly, when America was the country of inventors, America’s schools focused more on preparing students for every aspect of employment, from research and development, high tech manufacturing to sales and management. Because America needs graduates ready and able to enter the workforce, contact your local school board and local elected leaders and let them know graduates need job skills in addition to a general high school diploma.

Thanks for supporting our efforts. Kindly spread our message to your family and friends so businesses continue to grow and more Americans are able to be employed.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Nasty letters

I recently saw another critical letter about me in the NE Times (the 3rd one). This letter from Ronni Flitter.

I wonder what it is about some Democrats that they cannot tolerate other people having different opinions.

Isn’t that what a letters page is all about?

In truth, many Democrat policies are pretty hard to defend.

How do you support illegal immigration that leads to drug deaths and sex slavery? (There was a recent child immigrant sex house in Rhawnhurst.)

Democrat radicals support criminals over police, the rigging of elections, the sexual grooming and mutilation of children — while calling those who object “racists.”

Democrat energy policies have increased inflation, enriched Russia’s war machine and caused mass hardship among our working class. (Get ready again for $4 a gallon gas.)

Now they even support the weaponizing of our sacred legal system to attack opponents – like Donald Trump – as if we were in the old Soviet Union.

I would be deeply ashamed to support such policies.

Maybe it is easier to just attack opposing opinions rather than come to grips with your own shame.

Richard Iaconelli


Joe, we need answers

Questions for the Biden administration:

Could the reason DOJ head Merrick Garland isn’t enforcing laws protecting the homes of conservative justices is he is waiting for the next opening?

What would be the reason(s) the oil companies can’t produce more oil by drilling on 9,000 properties:

a) Biden is going to eliminate fossil fuels as soon as possible

b) It will cost billions

c) They are for-profits that answer to shareholders not presidents

d) How will they recoup their new drilling investments

e) All the above

Why wouldn’t Saudi Arabia produce more oil for us after calling them a pariah state?

How are the sanctions working with the ruble at a higher level?

Now that Fauci, after getting all his shots, caught COVID, was it necessary for people to lose their jobs because they didn’t want the shots?

Did you ever think you could be a worse administration than Jimmy Carter’s?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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