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Funding for Fox Chase

Sens. Jim Dillon and Tina Tartaglione, Dr. Jonathan Chernoff, Dr. Robert Uzzo, Rep. Kevin Boyle.
Fox Chase Cancer Center presented each of the lawmakers with a gift.

Fox Chase Cancer Center last week thanked state Rep. Kevin Boyle and Sens. Jimmy Dillon and Tina Tartaglione for their support in securing $1.5 million in funding for the modernization of its research facilities.

Fox Chase was represented by Dr. Jonathan Chernoff, its director, and Dr. Robert Uzzo, its president and CEO.

Tartaglione, a trustee on the board of Fox Chase owner Temple University, told officials she will continue to advocate for funds for the cancer center even though redistricting took it out of her Senate district.

“The research you do here is phenomenal,” she said. ••

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