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Boulevard safety

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I respect Tom McCarey’s concern about Roosevelt Boulevard safety, but have several questions about his suggestions.

He suggests that pedestrian crosswalks be either underground or elevated. Either of these would involve a long flight of stairs. That would make it difficult or impossible for senior citizens and people with disabilities, especially those in wheelchairs or parents with young children, especially those with a stroller, to use them. Does he recommend installing an elevator at every crosswalk? Also, would these crossings be at every intersection or only certain ones. If these “safe” crossing sites are too far apart, most people will cross where they are rather than walk several blocks on either side of the Boulevard to get to the spot directly across from where they started.

My other question is in regard to timing the lights on the Boulevard. For which side of the Boulevard should the lights be timed? If they are timed for the northbound side then southbound traffic will be stopped at irregular times. The opposite will be true if they are timed for the southbound side. If each side is timed independently for its own direction, the probability of both sides being stopped at the same time to allow for cross traffic is almost nonexistent. I suppose it would be possible to do what Atlantic City does and have all the lights on the Boulevard change simultaneously. And how would any of these changes affect the timing of all the left-turn lanes on the Boulevard in both directions.

Just a few thoughts on the issue.

Ronni Flitter


Life is good

What inflation?
I’m paying top dollar for eggs and groceries and you can’t beat the enjoyment of paying top dollar for gas to fill up your car.
Supply chain woes?
Forget the steaks on the grill, there’s nothing better than the genius who invented the plant-based burgers, especially with the added crunch coming from the cricket protein. Delish.
Consumer debt?
I can’t wait for my monthly $1,500 Social Security check to arrive. It helps pay for my electric, gas, water, home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, mortgage and with just enough money left over to send to Ukraine.
Besides, there’s nothing like having a few thousand friends from the border coming over for a barbecue.
Fire up the grill, plant burgers for everyone.
At least there’s no crime on our streets thanks to our wonderful mayor, our brilliant DA and especially the excellent job by our police commissioner Outlaw, a position she will fill quite easily as she leaves this fine city to do the same great job of controlling crime with the NJ-NY Port Authority. Happy trails.
It’s great to see that nice old man from Delaware has the best interests in mind for us.
Just like him, it’s time to kick back with no worries and enjoy licking on my ice cream cone, because life is good.

Al Ulus


Let’s continue to discuss our concerns

Being concerned about family, friends and neighbors has united the American people for centuries. Concern for our fellow Americans is the basis for the Buy American Made Campaign that unites Americans seeking to improve employment opportunities and a better future for all Americans.

For over 20 years we have been promoting the Buy American Made Campaign, and in the process many questions have been asked.

Some of the most frequently asked questions really need to be discussed by all of us:

• What happened to the desire of America’s leaders to push America to be the world’s most competitive industrial giant?

• Who convinced the American people that our nation’s financial stability would not be threatened by outsourcing our industries, jobs and job skills around the world?

• Who allowed America to become a service-oriented economy rather than the world leader of a thriving economy?

• Why did national leaders not react as they saw the jobs and skills of America’s workforce being relocated around the world and fewer new jobs created to keep Americans employed?

• Who, on a national level, was looking out for the best interests of the American people who were expected to pay their bills and taxes?

These are just a few of the many questions asked by our supporters. Take a few minutes to share these questions with your family and friends. I welcome you to share your results and suggestions with me. Send your email to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Let’s continue to discuss our concerns, and in the process, welcome more of our family, friends and neighbors to support the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Unqualified Kamala

Now that Kamala Harris will lead the gun violence prevention office, my suggestion to everyone is to go and buy bulletproof vests and start making sandbag bunkers. If she does as well with the gun situation as she did with the border, we are in for a hell of a gun fight. This is almost laughable, if it wasn’t so insane, on Biden’s part. He is setting her up to fail again. Not that she was qualified for either job.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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