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Beware of socialists in Democrat clothing


By Pete Smith

For a few reasons, next Tuesday will be one of the most important elections in recent history for Philadelphia. First, David Oh has a great opportunity to become the first Republican mayor in 71 years. For Oh to be successful he will need to draw votes from both Republicans and Democrats, something he has been able to do several times before when he was elected and re-elected for City Council at large.

The other reason this election is so important is because of the Council at-large race and the Working Families Party, a so-called independent party that tries to disguise itself as being an extension of the Democratic Party. Don’t be fooled, they are socialists and are not an extension, they are in fact trying to infiltrate the party. This threat is so real that the Philadelphia Democrat Chairman Bob Brady has recognized this ruse and has been holding party members accountable for helping them.

The contradiction of calling themselves the Working Families Party is so hypocritical as they do not represent true working families in Philadelphia. Most families have been struggling to make ends meet, fear for their safety and are besieged by quality-of-life issues. WFP candidates support Larry Krasner’s policies and want to defund the police, are against new development, and they are FOR supporting heroin injection sites. Their values do not align with most Philadelphians, and by design they continue to push their radical national agenda, which is evident by their out-of-state donors and volunteers. Note: There are only 14 registered WFP voters in Philadelphia.

Both WFP candidates also believe that Republicans are to blame for all the problems in Philadelphia!

As mentioned above, our city has been led by Democratic administrations for over 70 years. So, I feel confident that Republicans are not the issue. The scary part is if both WFP candidates are elected and Councilman Brian O’Neill is unsuccessful in his re-election there will be no Republican representation on City Council, which would result in no checks and balances. The city desperately needs a balance, and it needs changes in leadership that represents all residents. Crime, violence, open-air drug markets, businesses moving out and small businesses are closing at record numbers. Unfortunately, this will become the norm, unless we make some serious leadership changes, starting with the mayoral race and selecting David Oh to lead us, keeping Republicans on City Council and changing leadership in our “row offices,” especially starting with the corrupt sheriff’s office.

Republican Council at-large candidates Jim Hasher and Drew Murray are great choices to represent us in City Council. Hasher is a lifelong resident and owns and operates multiple businesses in the Northeast. Murray is a proven business professional, civic and community leader. Both are PRO POLICE, anti-Larry Krasner and they understand what challenges small businesses face and what positive impacts development projects will do for growth in the city. Both will do what they can to support our law enforcement and first responders to reduce crime and violence, plans to address the opioid epidemic and have clear focuses on quality-of-life issues. Both will do what’s in the best interest for Philadelphians and not some radical extreme agendas that have nothing to do with city governance.

On Nov. 7, ask yourself one question. Are you happy with the way things are currently in Philadelphia? If you are, God bless you. If you are not like most of us, then vote Republican first especially for Council at large. What do you have to lose? If they don’t do the job vote them out. Say NO to the Working Families Party, say YES to Hasher and Murray.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. ••

Pete Smith is secretary of the Philadelphia Republican Party and Republican leader of the 62nd Ward.

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