Almost 40 volunteers pitch in at Pennypack Park cleanup

Helpers rounded up 36 trash bags of litter, one bag of recyclable cans and numerous household objects during the monthly effort.

Volunteers rounded up 36 trash bags of litter, one bag of recyclable cans and numerous household objects large and small during the monthly Friends of Pennypack Park cleanup project on Aug. 26.

Almost 40 volunteers focused their efforts along Holme Avenue east of Nazareth Hospital and along Winchester Avenue north to Axe Factory Road. They ventured into the park and tidied paved and dirt paths between Holme Avenue and Rhawn Street.

Some of the more out-of-place objects recovered from the woods included parts of two shopping carts, four milk crates, a hubcap, two resin lawn chairs, a broken resin lawn chair, three paint cans, a broken coffee table, a piece of wrought iron railing, a teaspoon, three dinner plates, carpeting, a pair of sandals, a baseball cap, an inflatable pool, a 12-volt battery, Barbie doll legs, two bike pedals, a bicycle, part of a fishing rod, a golf ball, three traffic cones, a piece of pressure-treated lumber, a pole embedded in concrete, a toy fingernail painting kit and eight bundles of undelivered mail.

The FOPP recognized the following volunteers for their help: Tim, Vincent, Eliza and Maxwell Kipp; Susan, Frank and Jakob Ream; Gabriel and Anna Boudreau; Julia and Eugene Shmilovich; Ralph Smith; Edward Davis; Paul Szymanski; Kathy Volack; George Scholl; Jim Gardner; Dean Lynd; Tim McAndrews; Kenneth Larsen; Robert McMunn; Joan Henry-Graham; the Rev. Terri McNamara; Rick Rossi; Gloria, Dave and Gail El; Roland Williams; Andrew Puzdrak; Leo Magazzu III; Audrey Walmsley; Ken Lewis; Linda Davies; Alan Kaminsky; Rich Glaser; Joyce Ferrero; Kevin Sweetra; and Nance Kerns. In addition, Jim Huntsberger and Drew Thompson from the city’s Parks and Recreation Department removed the pile of debris from the collection area.

The next FOPP cleanup will be on Saturday, Sept. 23, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Volunteers should meet in the Little City parking lot, accessible via Rhawn Street near Holmehurst Avenue. They should wear long pants and appropriate footwear for hiking. Volunteers are advised to apply sunscreen and bug repellent. Children must be accompanied by a guardian. FOPP will supply gloves, tools, refreshments and snacks. Call 215–934-PARK for information or in case of bad weather. ••