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Letters to the Editor

A bunch of idiots among us

Who are the three stooges responsible with the following scenarios?

First of all, who was the idiot who decided to make drones that were used in military operations to be in the hands of the people?

London’s airport was shut down during the Christmas holiday to thousands of travelers due to drones buzzing around the runways. Drones could get sucked into a jet engine or crash through the plane’s cockpit, and all they can say is to put on “tightened restrictions.” Didn’t we learn from 9/11 already?

What’s more absurd, there’s a handbook on drone laws before someone takes flight or faces fines. Obviously, laws and fines didn’t deter the person responsible for the fiasco at London’s airport. Tightening restrictions doesn’t cut it. How about banning drones as much as banning bump stocks?

Secondly, who’s behind the brilliant idea of allowing “comfort animals” onto commercial airlines? I can understand a guide dog for the blind, but it’s gotten out of hand when all sorts of animals are allowed to board. A plane is not a passenger bus from Nicaragua that allows passengers to carry their chickens and goats.

And thirdly, the government just passed a bill that makes lynching a federal crime. It took 200 years since the end of the Civil War and the Thirteenth Amendment to figure out that lynching was a crime? It’s a crime no matter how you look at it, period.

Who are these idiots?

Al Ulus


Dems must work with Trump

We need to ask ourselves what the goals of the Democratic Congress are. Is it to do what is best for the American people? To do what they were elected to do, govern America? We hope they want to have less poverty, less crime and safer communities. Will our hopes come true? I doubt it. I doubt it because from the day Trump took the oath of office, their goal was to stop him. The goals of a better America were thrown to the wayside. Stopping Trump is their goal. Is this what we want? A group of people with a common goal, not to better a country, but to stop a president.

So, I ask you all to please pay close attention to the next two years of Congress. Ask yourself if its goal is to fix the issues in America or to stop the agenda of Trump. Whether you agree with the president or not, stopping him with no plan of your own is not good for America.

David Lee


Cartoon by Tom Stiglich

Speed camera money grab

I will start with the real issue — I do not know what the proponents’ real agenda is for speed cameras. However, our fearless leaders’ real agenda is going into our pockets again without calling it a new tax.

Just curious. Has an independent study been completed with statistical evidence illustrating that speed camera and/or red light cameras will, in fact, reduce accidents? Has a study been done comparing the accident rate on the Boulevard to other roads of comparable size and traffic volume?

The Boulevard is unique in that it has 12 lanes of traffic, intersects with numerous highways and major intersections, plus too many crossovers to count. The fact that there were 220 accidents over four years almost sounds like a win.

If you really want to reduce accidents, start ticketing drivers on their cell phones, the people who think changing lanes without looking is acceptable, the drivers who feel tailgating is OK and motorcycle drivers who feel laws apply only to cars. If you really want to do a study, you may want to consider the worst traffic lights on the planet. The best action for us drivers is to vote against anyone who approves this measure.

Anthony Dello Russo Jr.

Fox Chase

Time to get it together

I find it strange that every time Trump lies about never meeting Putin that someone doesn’t bring him up on the David Letterman show back in 2013 bragging about how nice Putin was when he met him. He also bragged about his dealings with him back then and Putin gave him such a nice gift.

Where is all that? If it was the GOP, they would never have let that go for one day. I have always said the GOP is attack dogs. The Dems are puppy dogs.

They have to get tougher.

Rus Slawter Sr.



Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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