Man arrested for setting cars on fire

A 28-year-old Olney man was charged with arson after allegedly setting cars on fire at two businesses on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Arthur Clowney

A man was arrested Saturday and charged with arson after police say he set multiple cars on fire at a pair of businesses on Roosevelt Boulevard in Oxford Circle.

On Saturday morning around 3:30 a.m., officers responded to Northeast Community LLC Auto Shop at 6101 Roosevelt Blvd. for a report of several vehicles on fire. Several minutes later, police noticed more cars up in flames at Hessert Chevrolet, which is a couple of blocks away near Levick Street.

Authorities at the scene arrested Arthur Clowney, 28, of Olney, who had stayed in the area as the cars were engulfed in flames. Clowney was charged with two counts of arson and causing/risking a catastrophe, in addition to other crimes, police said. ••