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Crime Log: Aug. 5 – 18

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

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There were seven robberies. Corey R. Smith, 30, was arrested Aug. 9 following a purse snatching on the street at 5800 Loretto Ave. Robberies on the street took place at 6700 Large St. (Aug. 7) and the intersection of Rising Sun and Adams avenues (Aug. 9), both of which involved handguns, 700 Adams Ave. (Aug. 6), which involved a weapon, and 5800 Oxford Ave. (Aug. 9), which did not involve a weapon. Other robberies took place at a private residence at 2500 Vista St. (Aug. 8), which involved a handgun, and a grocery store/mini market at 800 Cottman Ave. (Aug. 14).

There were 11 aggravated assaults, which yielded five arrests. Assaults took place on the street at 5700 Summerdale Ave. (Aug. 6), 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Aug. 15), 7000 Kindred St. (Aug. 18) and twice at 7300 Roosevelt Blvd. (Aug. 13). Assaults at private residences took place at 7100 Akron St. (Aug. 8, Wilson Vidro, 30), 1300 Gilham St. (Aug. 17), 800 Scattergood St. (Aug. 10, Brya Pickron, 27) and 1400 Lardner St. (Aug. 5, Lovato Bowman, 43). Other assaults took place at an apartment house at 7300 Palmetto St. (Aug. 8, Christine Arnold, 36) and a hardware store at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Aug. 8, Milton Zuniga, 47).

There were six burglaries, some of which took place at private residences at 7700 Ferndale St. (Aug. 15), 7000 Dorcas St. (Aug. 8), 1700 Faunce St. (Aug. 9) and an unlisted address. Others took place at an apartment house at 5700 Rising Sun Ave. on Aug. 16 and an office building at 500 Adams Ave. on Aug. 16.

There were 80 thefts, which targeted 37 businesses, 30 vehicles (including three stolen vehicle tags), five bicycles, four private residences and four street thefts. Seventeen arrests were made. In addition, 12 vehicles were reported stolen, and eight were recovered.

7th Police District

There were three robberies, which took place on the street at 9500 Bustleton Ave. on Aug. 7 and involved a handgun, at a gas station at 13000 Bustleton Ave. on Aug. 12 and involved a handgun, and at an apartment house at 8500 Verree Road on Aug. 6 with no weapon.

There were five aggravated assaults. Domestic assaults took place at private residences at 8300 Alicia St. (Aug. 8), 2000 Rhawn St. (Aug. 8) and 500 Smithfield Ave. (Aug. 9). The others took place on the street at 400 Rhawn St. (Aug. 11) and the intersection of Red Lion and Verree roads (Aug. 17).

The only reported burglary took place at a private residence at 10600 Saint Thomas Drive on Aug. 18.

There were 21 thefts, which targeted nine businesses, five vehicles (including a stolen vehicle tag) three nursing/retirement homes, two bicycles, a private residence and an apartment house. One arrest was made. In addition, four vehicles were stolen and five were recovered.

8th Police District

There were six robberies. Larnell Butler, 54, was arrested Aug. 13 following a drug store robbery at 9700 Roosevelt Blvd. Other robberies took place on the street at 4200 Lyman Drive (Aug. 10), 1455 Franklin Mills Circle (Aug. 7), 8800 Holme Drive (Aug. 10) and 9400 Legion St. (Aug. 18) and at an apartment house at 4400 Kendrick St. (Aug. 12).

The three reported aggravated assaults resulted in two arrests. Teara Lindsay, 22, was arrested Aug. 6 following a domestic assault on the street at 4600 Solly Ave., and Steven Marsden, 25, was arrested Aug. 16 following a domestic assault on the street at 3500 Nottingham Lane. There was also an assault involving a handgun at a hotel/motel at 9400 Roosevelt Blvd. Aug. 12.

The two reported burglaries took place at a private residence at 9200 Treaty Road on Aug. 7 and on the street at 11700 Caroline Road on Aug. 12.

There were 62 thefts, which targeted 24 vehicles (including a stolen phone and two vehicle tags), 18 businesses, nine street thefts, five bicycles, a private residence, an apartment house, an athletic field/playground, a parking lot/garage and two unlisted locations. Four arrests were made. In addition, six vehicles were stolen and three were recovered. 

15th Police District

There were 23 robberies. Jakise Chapman, 19, was arrested Aug. 6 following a robbery on the street at 1000 Sanger St. involving a handgun, and Victoria Murdough, 32, was arrested Aug. 9 following a robbery at a chain store at 4700 Frankford Ave. with a handgun. Robberies on the street took place at 5200 Oxford Ave. (Aug. 8), 1700 Pratt St. (Aug. 5), 5000 Saul St. (Aug. 6), 6500 Charles St. (Aug. 6), the intersection of Torresdale and Bleigh avenues (Aug. 7), 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Aug. 8), 5700 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 11), 6900 Rowland Ave. (Aug. 12) and 1600 Wakeling St. (Aug. 18), all of which involved a handgun; 5800 Hegerman St. (Aug. 14), which involved a knife; 1500 Harrison St. (Aug. 6), which involved a different weapon; and 3200 Guilford St. (Aug. 9), 6100 Bustleton Ave. (Aug. 11), 4300 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 11), 4700 Duffield St. (Aug. 13) and 7300 Rowland Ave. (Aug. 16), all of which did not involve weapons. Other robberies took place at a gas station at 7200 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 15), a private residence at 2000 Sanger St. (Aug. 9), a bank at 5100 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 9), a mini market at 2000 Margaret St. (Aug. 6) and a vehicle at 1400 E. Cheltenham Ave. (Aug. 15).

There were 22 aggravated assaults, which yielded six arrests. Assaults on the street include a domestic assault at 4700 Oakmont St. (Aug. 12); assaults involving guns at 1600 Allengrove St. (Aug. 5), 4600 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 6), 1500 Ruan St. (Aug. 12, Kyle Duffy, 29), 3300 Longshore Ave. (Aug. 12), 7400 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 13), four times at 7300 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 17, Sabrina Vasquez, 36), 5300 Charles St. (Aug. 17), and 5500 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 11); an assault involving a knife at the intersection of Frankford Avenue and Dyre Street (Aug. 15); assaults involving other weapons at 4500 Longshore Ave. (Aug. 7), the intersection of Oxford Avenue and Oakland Street (Aug. 8), and 4100 Gilham St. (Aug. 14); and assaults not involving weapons at Frankford Avenue and Wakeling Street (Aug. 6) and 4500 Aldine St. (Aug. 10). Other assaults took place at private residences at 4000 Robbins St. (Aug. 11, Myron Hamilton, 17) and 2200 Kennedy St. (Aug. 14), and at bars/cafes at 7000 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 17) and 6300 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 11). 

There were nine burglaries and one burglary attempt. Burglaries at private residences happened at 4200 Hartel Ave. (Aug. 14), 6000 Tulip St. (Aug. 5), 2000 Wilmot St. (Aug. 5), 3200 Knorr St. (Aug. 10) and 6300 Jackson St. (Aug. 11). Other burglaries took place at auto parts stores at 5100 Cottman Ave. (Aug. 6) and 4100 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 12), a gas station at 2100 Scattergood St. (Aug. 13), a retail location at 6000 Torresdale Ave. (Aug. 8) and an attempt at a private residence at 6200 Jackson St. (Aug. 11). 

There were 108 thefts, which targeted 36 businesses, 34 vehicles (including six stolen vehicle tags), 16 private residences, 12 street thefts (including two pick-pocketings), three SEPTA properties, three bicycles, an apartment house, a bank and two unlisted locations. Sixteen arrests were made. In addition, 11 vehicles were stolen, and 16 were recovered. Three arrests were made.

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