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Home Features FOP 5 gathers Valentine’s for 104-year-old veteran

FOP 5 gathers Valentine’s for 104-year-old veteran

FOP5 will mail out approximately 400 Valentine’s Day card to Marine Corps veteran Bill White, 104, in California.

Marine Corps veteran Bill White, 104.

Marine Corps veteran Bill White, 104, who lives in California, recently went on the local news asking for a few Valentine’s Day cards. 

It was a request heard across the country – including all the way to the FOP 5 in Northeast Philadelphia. White has already received more than 25,000 Valentine’s Day cards from people who heard his story near and far, but FOP 5 has a few hundred more to add to that.

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“We’re always looking for ways to touch the community in every way,” said Shannon Pisarek, community outreach coordinator.

“If a 104-year-old veteran asks for participation, we participate,” she said.

After hearing the request, the FOP went out and purchased 400 Valentine’s Day cards for members and visitors to fill out through Feb. 6.

The cards are set up in the lounge for members and other passersby to fill out. Pisarek said people have been stopping by specifically just to fill out a card.

After Feb. 6, they’ll mail the cards out, adding to White’s vastly growing collection.

White served in World War II and survived the Battle of Iwo Jima, serving 30 years of active duty. He has a Purple Heart for surviving the Battle of Iwo Jima.

When he first talked to FOX40, he told them he wanted the Valentine’s to be a personal part of his history.

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