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Thieves targeting Prius models in Bustleton, Somerton

Eight catalytic converters have been stolen recently from Toyota Prius sedans, police say.

Police are warning Toyota Prius owners to be on the lookout following the theft of eight catalytic converters over the past few days in Bustleton and Somerton.

In one incident, which occurred between Saturday night and early Sunday morning, five vehicles were targeted in the parking lot of an apartment complex at 2050 Nester Place. All were 2007 Toyota Prius sedans.

“It’s really been a problem,” said Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum, of Northeast Detectives.

Bandits can make a quick buck selling the converters to recycling facilities, he said. 

Two catalytic converters were stolen Sunday and Monday from the 8800 block of Brocklehurst Street. One was from a 2009 Prius, the other from a 2006 model.

In addition, a 2006 Prius owner reported a converter theft that occurred earlier this month in an apartment parking lot at 13555 Philmont Ave., according to police. 

Rosenbaum encouraged residents to park in their garages, if they have one, or in a well-lit area. ••

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