Crime log: Oct. 7, 2020

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Sept. 14 through 27

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd District Police

There were six robberies. Wilton Mendoza, 38, was arrested Sept. 15 following a robbery on the street at 800 Bridge St. involving a weapon. Other street robberies happened at 1500 Tyson Ave. (Sept. 20) with a handgun, 7200 Saul St. (Sept. 14) with a knife and 6700 Harbison Ave. (Sept. 23) with a weapon. Other robberies happened at a private residence at 1000 Howell St. (Sept. 17) with a handgun and at a bank at 2100 Cottman Ave. (Sept. 24).

There were 23 aggravated assaults, which resulted in four arrests. Assaults on the street happened at 6100 Castor Ave. (Sept. 16), twice at 400 Comly St. (Sept. 14), 2300 Cottman Ave. (Sept. 17, Mohammad Abbas, 22), 1400 Robbins St. (Sept. 19), 2100 Tyson Ave. (Sept. 25) and 1000 Robbins St. (Sept. 26), all of which involved handguns; at 6300 Martins Mills Road (Sept. 15), 6400 Horrocks St. (Sept. 15, Devontay Neal, 24), 800 Bridge St. (Sept. 16) and 6500 Oxford Ave. (Sept. 21), all of which involved weapons; at 4200 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 16) and 7200 Dungan Road (Sept. 18), which did not involve weapons; and a domestic assault at 5700 Oxford Ave. (Sept. 23). Domestic assaults at private residences happened at 7000 Rising Sun Ave. (Sept. 23, Zachary Comerford, 28), 6100 Loretto Ave. (Sept. 23), twice at 5600 Miriam Road (Sept. 23, Timothy Allain, 42, and Sept. 26), 500 Carver St. (Sept. 24), 7100 Bustleton Ave. (Sept. 22) and 4000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 26). Other assaults happened at an apartment house at 7400 Roosevelt Blvd. with a knife on Sept. 20 and at a retail location at 5200 Howland St. with a knife on Sept. 19.

There were nine burglaries, which targeted private residences at 1300 Levick St. (Sept. 14), 7100 Oakland St. (Sept. 15), 6200 Hasbrook Ave. (Sept. 18) and 900 Fanshawe St. (Sept. 16). Other incidents happened at an apartment house at 1400 Aldine St. (Sept. 19), a retail location at 600 Foulkrod St. (Sept. 23), an office building at 7900 Bustleton Ave. (Sept. 25) and two unlisted locations at 2200 Glendale Ave. (Sept. 22) and 7300 Tabor Ave. (Sept. 26).

There were 53 thefts, which targeted 21 businesses, 16 vehicles (including five stolen vehicle tags), 11 street thefts (including two purse snatchings), four private residences, an apartment house and a bicycle. Three arrests were made. In addition, 11 vehicles were reported stolen, and eight were recovered. Two arrests were made.

7th Police District

There were no reported robberies.

Three aggravated assaults took place on the street at 1300 Rhawn St. (Sept. 19), 11500 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 20) and 8800 Krewstown Road (Sept. 27), all of which involved weapons.

A restaurant at 2100 Red Lion Road was burglarized Sept. 21.

There were 30 thefts, which targeted 15 vehicles (including a stolen car phone and two stolen vehicle tags), 12 businesses, a street theft, an apartment house and a doctor’s office. One arrest was made. In addition, three vehicles were reported stolen, and two were recovered.

8th Police District

A robbery happened on the street at the intersection of North Delaware and Arendell avenues on Sept. 27.

There were seven aggravated assaults, which yielded three arrests. Assaults on the street happened at 4600 Kendrick St. (Sept. 20) with a handgun, 8000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 15, Brian Quinn, 36) with a weapon, 8900 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 17, Carlos Rosado, 33) with a weapon, a domestic assault at 9400 Kirkwood Road (Sept. 22) and at 2400 Welsh Road (Sept. 19). Other incidents included a domestic assault at a private residence at 9300 Andover Road (Sept. 20, Harry Wenger, 28) and an assault at a bar at 2400 Welsh Road (Sept. 19).

There were 10 burglaries, which targeted apartment houses at 4500 Enfield Ave. (Sept. 16), twice at 2600 Welsh Road (Sept. 16), 10800 Keswick Road (Sept. 21) and 4400 Tolbut St. (Sept. 21). Private residences were burglarized at 10800 Modena Drive (Sept. 14), 12400 Medford Road (Sept. 18) and 9100 Ashton Road (Sept. 21, Pavel Bespartochnyy, 56). Other burglaries happened at a food store at 3200 Red Lion Road (Sept. 18) and a building under construction at 4700 Pennypack St. (Sept. 22).

There were 44 thefts, which targeted 18 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), 18 businesses, three street thefts, two bicycles, a private residence, an apartment house and a nursing/retirement home. Four arrests were made. In addition, five vehicles were reported stolen, and three were recovered.

15th Police District

There were 12 robberies. Kevin Harper, 33, was arrested Sept. 16 following a robbery with a handgun at 1900 Bridge St. Other robberies on the street happened at 4300 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 20) and 1400 Pratt St. (Sept. 23), which both involved knives, and incidents with no weapons at 4400 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 14), 7200 Crispin St. (Sept. 23), 7200 Erdrick St. (Sept. 26), the intersection of Hawthorne Street and Magee Avenue (Sept. 26) and vehicles parked at 7000 Ditman St. (Sept. 22) and 6900 Hawthorne St. (Sept. 25). 

There were 32 aggravated assaults, which yielded three arrests. Assaults on the street with handguns happened at 1500 Foulkrod St. (Sept. 15), 4100 Devereaux Ave. (Sept. 18), twice at 1500 Womrath St. (Sept. 19 and 21), three times at 2700 Eddington St. (Sept. 22), 5400 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 23), four times at 1300 Sanger St. (Sept. 25) and 5300 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 26); assaults with knives happened at 4600 Leiper St. (Sept. 15, Shondell Fulton, 42) and 4000 Cottman Ave. (Sept. 27); assaults with other weapons happened at 4400 Belgrade St. (Sept. 15), 4100 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 17), 3600 Hartel Ave. (Sept. 18), 6300 Walker St. (Sept. 20) and 4200 Chippendale Ave. (Sept. 24); an assault with no weapons at 4200 Griscom St. (Sept. 27) and domestic assaults at 6100 Glenloch St. (Sept. 22), 2100 Shallcross St. (Sept. 24) and 2000 Bridge St. (Sept. 24). Incidents at private residences included domestic assaults at 6400 Edmund St. (Sept. 26), 3500 Wellington St. (Sept. 22), 4200 Passmore St. (Sept. 20) and 5800 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 25), an assault with a handgun at 5800 Hegerman St. (Sept. 18), an assault with no weapon at 7200 Vandike St. (Sept. 19) and an instance of child abuse at 4300 Josephine St. (Sept. 18, Gleny Cordero, 32). Myron Brown, 46, was arrested Sept. 22 following a domestic assault at an apartment house at 3100 Guilford St. 

There were nine burglaries. Darnell Dorsey, 42, was arrested Sept. 19 following a burglary at an armored car at 6200 Harbison Ave. Private residences were burglarized at 2900 Rawle St. (Sept. 14), 5700 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 15) and 1600 Granite St. (Sept. 27). Other incidents happened at an apartment house at 1300 Sellers St. (Sept. 15), a food store at 6400 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 25), a department store at 4300 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 26), a church at 5500 Harbison Ave. (Sept. 16) and an auto dealer at 7500 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 19).

There were 81 thefts, which targeted 36 vehicles (including 13 vehicle tags), 23 businesses, 15 street thefts, five private residences, an apartment house and a bicycle. Eight arrests were made.