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New bikes, just in time for Christmas


The Guinan family last week continued its donations of “like new” bicycles to needy children.

The Guinans – Chris, Cindy, Lauren, Sophia, Christian and Molly – delivered 20 Trek bikes to Congreso de Latinos Unidos, 216 W. Somerset St.

The day started outside the Guinan home on the 8100 block of Martindale St. in Winchester Park. A holiday-decorated SEPTA bus – Chris is a SEPTA retiree, his children Lauren and Christian work there – carried the bikes to Congreso.

Sophia, a 10-year-old St. Jerome student and Chris Guinan’s granddaughter, helped hand off bikes to kids served by Congreso, much like one of Santa’s elves.

Sophia and her family paint and clean donated bicycles year round in the backyard of the family home before donating the refurbished bikes.

Over the last decade, three generations of Guinans have donated some 1,300 bicycles, some purchased new and others repaired, used bikes.

Partners over the years have included SEPTA, Burns Recycling and Trek. ••


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