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America needs leadership

President Biden, James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter want to thank you for replacing them as the worst president of all time. All kidding aside, sir, America in 2022 is not what you promised in 2020.

What is going on here, sir?

You and Vice President Harris look woefully unprepared to lead.

Why is this, sir?

Mr. Biden, you are not an innocent bystander who gets to watch the world burn and act like there is nothing that you can do.

You, Mr. Biden, are the president of the United States.

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are on the move.

Wake up, sir. It is not nap time. It’s time to act. Mr. Putin should be afraid of you, sir. Not the other way around.

Millions of Americans voted for you because they thought you would bring stability and competence back to the White House, but sadly you and your administration have not. Why is this, sir?

Sir, more and more problems are ramping up each day. Why?

High gas prices, out-of-control inflation, a lack of a cohesive energy policy, bad schools, dirty streets, homelessness and crime everywhere, a foreign policy that is leading from behind, open borders, a major opioid epidemic, an erratic and ever-changing COVID policy, major problems

both here and abroad with no leadership anywhere. Disasters everywhere you look. Why is this, sir?

A total and complete mess! Why is this, sir?

Where is your 50 years of leadership and competency. sir?

Mr. President, there can only be one president at a time in this country. Sir, it is becoming abundantly clear that you are not up to this moment or, frankly, any moment at this time. Why is this, sir?

Are you not well, sir, or are you completely compromised?

Sir, the American people need and deserve a president who will act strongly and decisively like Winston Churchill, not passively like Neville Chamberlain or Mr. Rogers. Strength and strong leadership are desperately needed here.

The only person acting with strength and vitality right now is your predecessor, Donald J. Trump. However Mr. Trump is not our commander in chief. Mr. Biden, you are.

Wake up, Mr. President. Rome is burning. Stop fiddling around.

By the way, Ms. Harris, stop laughing. Nothing is remotely funny here. Your recent behavior here and overseas has been bizarre and disgraceful.

Start acting like the vice president, Ms. Harris. Otherwise, resign today.

In closing, Mr. Biden, the world does not have 3 more years to waste.

Get your act together right now, sir. We cannot wait until January 2025 for Mr. Trump to fix the mess you have left behind. Thank you.

John Farley


A better place to live

The actions of Rep. Guenst of the 152nd Legislative District thus far, in terms of the bills she sponsors and the votes she’s cast toward certain actions, have been exceedingly helpful toward the greater infrastructure of our area. Though she has only recently been elected for office, she has taken part in sponsoring and voting on a considerable number of bills on a variety of different topics that align with my personal beliefs, including bills about gun control, protection of victims, education and its educational facilities, and wages.

Her part in sponsoring bill HB100 is greatly appreciated in the management of energy, which is something that is sorely needed for efficiency as well as environmental concerns. Pursuing and encouraging clean energy – especially nuclear, as we are statistically the 2nd-leading state in the country in terms of production – and advertising its use to the general public to lessen the stigma of it being hazardous can make great leaps in efficiency and save the future from the consequences of enduring our old ways of producing energy.

On a more local level, there are a few things in everyday life – namely, transportation – whose consequences are of equally as great importance to the environment. This is especially prevalent in the suburbs. With limited access to a public transportation system, people in our area are largely forced to commute solely by driving. A reported 78% of workers in the 152nd District drive to work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau; the number of people who choose the more environmentally friendly option of carpooling is only about 8%.

As science has proven time and time again, there are many economic, environmental and even personal benefits to be gained from prioritizing other methods of transportation rather than individual cars. If expanding a public transportation network is not an option, a terrific way to solve this would be to encourage the use of other modes of transportation, namely biking and walking.

Our area has a noticeable lack of sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to dangerously walk on the road. Bike lanes are almost nonexistent, with the exception of recreational areas. I advocate for building or enforcing this infrastructure to be present, as it would promote the idea of walking or biking by making it a safer and more agreeable alternative to driving.

Designating spaces to travel in these methods will also discourage drivers from driving recklessly, especially into pedestrians and bikers in areas where they may be vulnerable or at night. Ensuring the safety of individuals should always be a firsthand priority, and improving on the infrastructure would encourage cleaner transportation.

With all due respect, I appreciate the contributions she’s made to our local area, but I also hope that what has been suggested inspires her to think about ways she can affect citizens like us. The wonderful actions she’s taken and the efforts she’s making to make our area a better place are recognized by the community in the way we operate every day, down to our individual daily lives.

Jocelyn Chiu

Julia Masterman High School

Lenient judges the problem

Per a letter to the editor by Mayer Krain.

Listing age, race, sex, etc. will not be what stops crime.

Most crime starts with the courts. I ask anyone to tell me what 5 judges they voted for in the last election. Very few can tell you.

After 25 years on the Philadelphia police and being on both sides of the gun I can tell you it starts with the judges. How many times have we read that this person was arrested committing a crime and this was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th time and so on that they were arrested and convicted.

And then we hear some judges let them out early and this happens a lot. Let’s post the name of the judges in the paper who and why they were let go. Let’s put their address in the paper as has happened to police officers. I have been in court so many times and find that many judges smack them on the hand and let them go. When I was in grade school if the nun smacked me in the hand you sure as heck knew where your dad was going to whack you. Caught with an illegal gun or a crime then max them out in court. If this would have happened many, many years ago we would not have the problem we have today. Would this stop all crime? Heck no but it sure as heck made me think that if I was whacked by the nun I knew that I was in big trouble.

Robert W. McCann


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