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New Year, new recipes!

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better (wo)*man.” ― Benjamin Franklin *(wo) -- added to help Ben be PC in 2019 Happy New Year!...

Meditation Column: Pay tribute with a proper greeting

Namaste is a greeting that dates to ancient times. It is still widely used today as an acknowledgment of the oneness and awareness of the divine consciousness in all of us. When one speaks...

Spadaro: End of season brings many questions for Eagles’ future

The day after it ended, only a large handful of hours following the Eagles’ crushing 20-14 loss to New Orleans in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game, the players cleaned out their lockers, said their...

Op-ed: Driscoll still has a lot to prove in the 173rd

By Erin Byard and Mohammad Chowdury In the 173rd Legislative District, Michael Driscoll has shown that he wishes to serve his district, however, he still has a lot that he could do. Driscoll has shown a...

Op-ed: Boulevard plan needs to be revised

By Chris Bordelon I recently attended a public meeting about the “Route for Change” project, the slogan of which is “Transforming the Boulevard.” Northeast residents were invited. But city officials didn’t host the meeting to ask...

Time is a commodity we can’t waste so use it wisely

Time often refers to the length or duration of a happening. A man-made system of calculations, which allows us to measure the length or period in which something has, is or will be going...

Spadaro: Eagles continue to find a way to win

In this Eagles’ Tale Of Two Seasons, a football team went from nearly dead on arrival with a 4-6 record to one that is a weekly heart attack as it wins games by the...

Letters to the Editor

English ties us together Unless a person is a Native American, we are all immigrants, many of whom did not speak English when they arrived. Some went to night school to learn the language and...

Meditation Column: Make sure to put the focus on yourself at times

Let’s meditate. For our purposes, we will define meditation as the practice of focusing our minds and attention on an object, a situation, or any point of focus of our choosing (See mediation at...

Oped: Driscoll puts the focus on senior citizens

By Ameer Abusiyam, Danielle Costantino and Isabelle Schwartz We are 12th-grade students from Julia R. Masterman High School, and we live in the 173rd Legislative District. Through our thorough research, we have noticed and are...
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